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Open Letter to T-Nation


I want T-Nation to be an out of this world gold mine. You guys have taken risks and developed a quality product.

That said: The general level of information and HONESTY of this site have gone through the floor. Want examples? Just ask and dont be so afraid you delete them.

I have not been buying the same amount of product here because of what I mentioned above.


You felt SAMA was the best place for this??

Tits or GTFO


I want examples. Does this have anything to do with the ground-up raccoon claws/teeth they put in Alpha Male that caused an allergic reaction in me so bad that I was convinced I had an STD? Or does it have to do with the unnoticeable amount of increase in force production that I experienced after taking Alpha-GPC 45 minutes before a workout?


Yes. We want examples.

Give them.


what the hell are you talking about?

I cant be the only one who doesnt understand the OP... right?


The funny thing is that when it happened, everyone had already left to go to the show and no one was at the store the rest of the night.


This probably won't even post, but I've had a lot of posts deleted because they were critical of the Indigo 3 marketing. I'm also blocked from posting on ANY LiveSpill even though I pretty much never post in them anyway. Again, they obviously won't allow me to express my opinion on the product, even though numerous other posters were just as critical of it and were not censored. PM's don't work either and haven't for a while.

And I spend a lot of money with these guys and have for going on 10 years. Pretty much the only supps I use. But it still can take hours for my posts to show, and if they don't like what I have to say the post just never shows up. I'm a good customer, and I think I contribute to these forums, but I get treated like a red-headed step child because I don't agree that every product is some kind of miracle supplement.....

That was a big waste of time even typing that I bet...lol...


She told me she didn't even like apple sauce.

So I covered her in it so she could get adjusted.


Wow - it went thru. Amazing - we'll see if it stays up...lol...

As for the OP, unless you're referring to what I mentioned about censored posts, I'm not sure what you're getting at. In the end, it is their site and they have the right to decide what gets posted. But if you mean dishonesty in their articles or shoddy journalism, I can't see how that argument would hold any water.


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When I woke up this morning I went to work and the guy from last week was there again but things went well this time.


That's good. That beats the time I walked into the office and a man who wasn't there called me a nigger.




dramatic much? lol

this website is a business... if Biotest doesnt want you talking negatively about their products and chooses to delete your posts because of that content then thats their right. this is a free site and no one here is paying for a membership. The mods let a lot of stuff go on this site but if they dont want you (or anyone else) talking negatively on their site about their products then whats the big deal?


Greg go back a few more Quotes. Sky actually addresses this.


Because the vast majority of supplement company run forums I've visited allow for negative feedback?? The only Biotest products I've ever used were HOT-ROX (and that was only a few pills just to guage the stim response) so I am in no place to be critiquing their products but I know for a fact that one of the big reasons for me having no interests in purchasing their products is that I'll never see negative feedback on this site. And if I do, it's usually seconds before a MOD goes all Area 51 on the thread and denies its existance.



yeah I know... my post was very delayed in showing up and i read his post afterwards. I couldnt edit it because of the post delay. oh well


I'm interested....why are you critical of their marketing so much it bothers you like this?

Unless some company is acting fraudulently, it wouldn't cross my mind to be this vocal against them while also using their services as often as I please.

What the hell is it that you all are saying that is so important but not being allowed through?

I am really interested.

I don't really care if it is as complex as "I hate how they market shit"...as if it wasn't working as a good business plan.


You have a point if it is about serious gripes. What I hate are people who haven't actually used a product but are against it anyway.


Yep - I agree. If you look up a few posts you'll see that I said this exact thing.

But I appreciate you jumping down my throat on the matter. : )