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Open Letter to Guy Blow-Drying His Balls


Well I certainly had to pass this one on to you guys:



Looks like Ross Beeley has balls on the brain.


That was pretty funny. For some reason I've never seen this at a commercial gym, but saw it frequently at country clubs. Guess being rich does give one an unfounded sense of entitlement...


^^I've seen in twice before. I was in shock lol


I don't shower or change at the gym because I don't have to, but fuck if I don't have a small window fan sitting on the floor of my room that I air dry my nuts with after the shower.

It's the only way.


Having been a personal trainer at a country club for over a year, I've seen it way too often. The worst is when you turn the corner and right there some old dude's blow drying his sack staring directly at you. Awwkkkwwaaarrddd.


I see what you did there.


That happened to me once. The guy doing it knew my father so he actually stopped me and was talking to me while in the act.


That's another thing. Not only are they comfortable doing it, they assume you're comfortable too so they'll carry on like blowing drying your sack while simultaneously holding a conversation is perfectly acceptable. Hey old people: Knock it off.


When you are old you forget who you spoke to anyway.


I've seen this tooooo many times. And I don't change in the locker room either.

and RR IS right, having your balls blown dry is a great feeling, and def accomplishes the goal, but doing it right there, out in the open is...well...

Just not right.


I am going to blow that up to poster size and place it on every wall of my gym locker room.

How about a "stop walking around barefoot in the gym bathroom and/or shower"?

I swear some people are worse than animals.


Hahaha. I'm only pissed that you commented on it first, man.


The only way to make people realize how awkward they come across is to engage in behavior substantially more disturbing and awkward so as to make them say, "...the FUCK???"

I have not and will not test this theory, but am confident it works.


Like what? Putting it in there pooper?


Ive seen this crap alot at my gym...one day I will do it myself and post it in my log, I will consider it a PR of some sort.


Pics or it didn't happen?


Don't come to Asia! It's not just the old men here that do it, but most guys. Sometimes there are 2 or 3 in a row in front of the mirror doing it.

I just hate the idea of walking behind them when they're doing it. Ugh!


Pleas god no, lol


What's the problem, Nards. Afraid you might catch some of that Tokyo drift?