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Open invite to all renegades

I want to extend an invitation to dpp, nate, kelly and all the other renegades on here, especially including Coach Davies and Kato. If any of you are ever in the New Orleans area and want to get together for some training I would be more than happy to have you as a partner. I work at the largest gym in New Orleans and although we don’t have kettleballs we have enough equipment to make do. At least if I have a partner I won’t be the only one getting strange looks.

Man that sounds cool! Never been to New Orleans but it would be nice to have a good session with another renegade…I’ll give everyone the same invitation as you Lance…I live in the northwest arkansas area not far from Fayetteville.

Kato- we’re goin to the Big Easy. Time for some big training - & hey we’ll bring the kettlebells. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for the invite, bro. Same goes to anybody who happens to be passing through the Macon/central Georgia area…just gimme a holler. Hell, I’ll drive to Atlanta if anybody up there wants to get kooky and ukey.

Hey guys, great idea! I’ll be sure to let you know if I head to New Orleans or Macon/Atlanta area. And if any of you are headed to Gatortown (Gainesville, FL), be sure to stop by so we can tear it up. I have a kettlebell on its way, so at least we’ll have one! And my gym is definitely hardcore and has everything else we need except for a Reverse Hyper machine. But we can do plenty of Glute-Ham raises the way Coach Davies recommends, and we can also do plenty of Reverse Hypers off a high bench too! Besides, I could use a training partner to help me get through all the GPP that tends to kick my ass each workout!!!

Thanks for the invite Lance.
Next time I schedule out of town training for work I’ll see what is offered in New Orleans!
I’m in the Ft Wayne, IN area in case any of you
are up/over this way. I train in my garage with
spider webs and dirt. I built my own reverse
hyper machine and horizontal rowing gizmo.
My back yard from the field to the edge of my woods is about 125 yards so it’s perfect for the 110 sprint workouts. My sled is an old
pink plastic snow sled with 1" rope attached
which I double over to get some grip work in
while pulling. When the pain of pulling sets in, the pink no longer matters…

did I see “woods” - Buddy, have you been holding out me, can we chop wood? In faith, Coach Davies

Nate Dogg - the Mrs. and I are coming down for a gator game (my folks went there and I was born at Shands…) the weekend of 9-28/29. I’m not sure where I can stash the old lady but I’ll post something as the weekend draws closer. Also, I may bring my MTB and go street riding and raise some hell on campus, so whether it’s puking or crashing, I’m down for it.

Coach, purely an oversight on my part :slight_smile:
Chalk it up to the ‘In training’ part of being a renegade!
Yes, I have stack after stack of logs and pieces of tree that await chopping.
Somehow I get the idea my workout for tonite
just changed???

Lance, which gym are you talking about? I live a little out of the way but not too far to train with someone serious about training.

Coach Davies!! My MAN!! A wood chopper? Well I just happen to have about 25 cords of wood that I aqquired when a local golf course expanded…and it all is in need of some splitting!! I have enough monster mauls for everyone…plenty of chopping blocks…and I will even supply the brewskis!! Wood chopping party at whoppers place!! Also have a big mowed field on my 10 acres…probably 80 yards long, and wide…and for inspiration during sprints…I will let my dog…the half wolf, half sheppard mix, affectionatly known as “the bitch on wheels” come on out and play with all of you…trust me…you WILL sprint!! (she is soooo misunderstood…she is reallty sweet…honest guys…trust me laughs)

you SOB (read buddy), you’re going to keep that wood to yourself. Lets clear some wood. Check outside in mornings from now on - if you see an old guy setting up a campgrounds, it will probably be me. You weighted gpp is simple from, cut, split and stack. I will see you soon. In faith, Coach Davies

JeffD, definitely let me know closer to the time you plan on coming down. I’ll be training (Renegade style) that Friday after work, I’ll watch the Gators game Saturday, and if you are interested in Mountain biking, we can either do some riding on campus or I can take you to some local trails that are fun (and tough) to ride! I can send you my email or you can just post on the forum as time draws near! We can tear it up!

Coach, I’ll leave some kindling by the cooking
pit in case you arrive before I’m awake.
The combination to the barn lock is 37-7-30 in
the event you are looking for an axe/hatchet.

Hey Coach, I work with dp. My land includes 16 acres of woods. It’s got a few lightning-kissed trees that need to come down.

When you’re through at dp’s, come on over. He knows how to get there. Have to bring your own ax, though. :slight_smile:

To Grant: the gym i work at is Elmwood. It is located in Harahan-just west of New Orleans. Let me know.
To Coach Davies and Kato: I’m ready when you guys are (I think)-welcome any time.

so you interested in taking care of some wood. Along with a RENEGADE coach, we might be interested in getting back to basics. Set up a camp ground and everything. I love you to meet all of you. In faith, Coach Davies

Dearest Lord above! I LOVE chopping wood! I can’t imagine how unbelievably fun, brutal, etc., it would be to swing the maul/axe with Coach Davies, Whopper, dp, and any other Renegade out there. That would probably top a Biotest weekend! Or how about this: a Biotest weekend AT Whopper’s!!! Knowledge during the day and RENEGADE at night!

I assume you workout at Gainesville Gym- Tell Big Daddy John Babb I said hello. He still playing them damn video games all night long at the front desk. That is the best place to train. I used to go to school there at UF and was there the day the incoming freshman football recruits came in about 3wks ago. The guy that impressed me the most was Aroste Autin out of Louisiana. Can you believe the kid just died after collapsing last week running conditioning drills. They administered Ht, Wt, Bodyfat, BP, 40yd dash that day and he was the most impressive one out there. Seemed like a real hard working Renegade-type of guy.
I, too, am a season ticket holder and I really think this guy would have been special on and off the field. Take Care.

Nate - I think I’m slated to meet the folks for dinner on FRiday evening but we’ll see. Maybe a sunday morning ride? Where do you ride? I’ve been to hardrock park back in it’s heyday and have heard good things about razorback but have never ridden anything more than campus in Gainesville itself.