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Open Chain vs. Closed Chain


Could some one please explain the difference between these two types of excercises.


open - distal end of extremity not meeting or supporting resistance
LB - quad extension

closed - distal end of extremity meeting or supporting resistance
LB - squat
UB - pushup


Closed-chain, you move. (chin-up)

Open-chain, you move something. (Pull-down)

I've got that right, right?


the terms when by themselves are virtually meaningless.

The descriptions in the first post were correct, but open vs closed are often used to interpret safety, injury potention and ability to carryover to the real world when it wont work... You need to look at the exercise as a whole on an exercise by exercise basis rather than if its open vs closed chain.


Thanks it is all so clear now


Yeah . . . but my post used simple, easy words.


is that sarcastic or serious?


Dead serious I have been trying to figure it out for a while, and now I acutally get it. Thanks guys