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Open Air Festivals


I love them. The season is soon upon us.

I for one should be seeing: Kanye West, Sido, The Game, Turbonegro, Immortal Technique, Samy Deluxe, Phenomden, Marteria aka Marsimoto, 50 Cent, Gentleman, Deichkind, La Coka Nostra, Jedi Mind Tricks, Hilltop Hoods, Madcon, Gimma, Dendemann, Nega, Radio 200'000, Terry Lynn, Da Cruz, Lil Wayne, N.E.R.D., Bligg, Liricas Analas, Prinz Pi, D-Verse City.


Then there's another one that'll have Dropkick Murphys, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Royskopp, The Script, Ayo, Ska P, Groove Armada, Razorlight, Oasis, Moonraisers, Pendulum, Kings of Leon and Travis.

Yeah, you guessed it.


Also going to try and get tickets for Bruce Springsteen, ACDC and Eric Clapton (On tour with Winwood).

Who are you going to see? Who do you want to see? Who have you seen?

Do you even like music festivals or are you a bore?


musci festivals rock.

Im heading to Poland this year for open'er. http://www.opener.pl/

60 quid/100 dollars for 4 days of mayhem in a dirt cheap country with beautiful women. cant beat it


Swiss' post is all things win.


I agree.




RSGZ read you like a book Swiss ... a book about whores...


Thanks for reminding me, almost forgot to book tickets for the Greenfield Festival, being in Barcelona and all. I'm not going to the Frauenfeld again though, terrible experience last year, and the weather didn't help. Might check out Gampel or St. Galler Openair as well.

Switzerland is a great place for openair festivals, it's great that so many bands agree to play there even though it's a tiny country.


What was so bad?

Greenfield rocks (literally) and St. Gallen wasn't bad (minus the 6hour queue to get in if you didn't have early bird tickets and the weather).

T in the Park is Scotland is great fun and needless to say, Glastonbury. Well. Yeah.


Now now!


I was at groove in the moo festival the past weekend and saw hilltop hoods their new stuff is pretty good, becoming quite the fan of them lately...the only problem we have with festivals in Aus is dust...I was covered in it and it was quite freezing(coming into winter)


Not me. I'm not interested in sharing close quarters with smelly sickly obnoxious people. I'll just be home listening to the songs on iTunes, and sipping a cold one.


Edited to add: Of course if Soundgarden were to reunite and play a festival, I'd be there front and center, naked, wearing a "kick me" sign.



I was at the Irish music festival Oxegen last year, hell of a weekend
Got to see Kings Of Leon, The Verve, Newton Faulkner, REM, Kaiser Chiefs, Sugababes, Stereophonics, Counting Crows the almighty Rage Against the Machine on the Last night...
I don't think I'll ever be forgetting that weekend. 4 days of sex, drugs and sausage rolls...

Shame this year'sone is total shite


Well, my tent got completely kicked to pieces (lucky all my stuff was in a bigger one), most of my friends/acquaintances got theirs either slashed open with knives or spray painted. Also, 4 of my close friends had their tent cut open and their bags stolen, their clothes were spread all over the place and they couldn't change them, which was pretty uncomfortable with all the mud and rain.

Hip Hop seems to draw a lot of assholes, whereas at festivals like Greenfield the people seem much nicer and prefer listening to the concerts to destroying tents for no reason, which is why I'll be going there again this year. Really dig the lineup as well.