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Oops We're Sorry, Here's $18 Million



Apparently duke laxers accused of rape got approx. 18 million each.

Worth it?


I think so, while not 100% innocent, those dudes got drug thru the mud pretty hard. Everyone turned on them and they will always have a shadow of doubt cast upon them by anyone who recalls their names.


Not like them rich kids needed it...

But yeah, I'd take some heat for 18 million.
With the fucked up misogynist bias we have all around the globe, nobody gives a fuck about rape charges anyway.


Maybe a little much, but a decent compensation for rape-accusation is, well, fair.

You'll never out-live the reputation you get from being accused of rape, or similar. Look at MJ.


Does/Did the compensation come from tuition payments? I would assume so, if that is the case I would be pretty pissed off to see my yearly tuition increase because my school rushed to judgement.


I doubt it. Schools like duke have astronomical endowment funds. Numbers that would just blow your mind, they are basically just printing money. I am sure it came from something like that


I'm pretty sure that the settlement came from the universities liability insurer. I remember reading about it from a news feed I get from the insurers parent company. There was some controversy over whether or not they were going to cover it but were court ordered to pay out, as the university was negligent and liable for taking action against the students before they were actually convicted of anything.


Given that the prosecutor was milking the PR around case for all it was worth Duke couldn't really afford not to suspend the players. That's probably the line of thinking anyway.


Not 100%? Did they partially rape her?


Ya that makes a lot of sense.


Whether or not the settlement is taxable to begin with is a legal tax question. It may or may not be taxable so speculating the amount of the settlement from the alleged tax lien is probably not accurate. I have doubts the settlement was $18 million.



I see the case against Duke was settled by AIG, a former employer of mine. I left right around the time of that settlement. I highly doubt the sum was $18m each. I could probably find out how much it is. They also filed suit against the city that prosecuted them. It is possible the TOTAL settlement for all the plaintiffs was $18m and the tax bill was therefore an error representative of that sum. In fact, $6m each sounds about right.


Shit you can say whatever you want about me for 1.8 mil forget the rest.


I would assume it would qualify as punitive damages. If that is the case it is fully taxable as ordinary income to the individual. The money had to come from somewhere whether the school paid it or someone else.


Should have been clearer. They were 100% innocent in the courts eyes, questionable behavior in their actions that caused the ruckus. Sorry.