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Oops - HCG


I think I made a mistake. I mixed my hcg with a 2ml solvent solution that came with my hcg, specifically "sodium cloride injection ip" and then made up the remainder of the 5ml total needed with sterile water, not BAC.

Did I ruin this hcg?


I don't think so. You may have shortened the life of it, though, but I doubt even this. THe only other thing I could think of is the HCG powder might not go fully into solution.

Keep in the fridge and in the dark.

I always get a pleasant ache and fullness the day after HCG. If that doesn't happen, chunk it.

(FWIW, I think mine always comes with just sterile water; I will look when I get home.)


Thanks for the reply, would 7 hours be enough for this ache to have happened. had pretty good ache after injecting yesterday. And I mixed it the day before.



I need to ask my wife, but I am pretty sure the NaCl is just to help with bacteriostasis. Assuming you are not a dumbass and and clean the top and keep it cold, you should be fine. Just chunk it a bit early.


BAC to prevent bacterial growth. With a larger vial lasting 80 days, you really need this. If you get evidence of infections, toss it.

BTW, I mix to 2000iu per ml and inject less to get my dose.


Agree with the above posts. The only additional consideration I can think of is that the sterile water might sting a bit since it isn't at the body's pH. I'm assuming it was sterile water FOR INJECTION?

Similar to KSman, I add 2 cc saline or bac water to 5000 iu and inject 0.1 ml for my 250 iu dose.


Thanks everyone, I never imagined that there would be this steep of a learning curve.


When you say " I always get a pleasant ache and fullness the day after HCG. " Can you explain this more? I have been taking HCG for almost 2 years and I don't know what you mean. I was taking 2000iu E6D now I am doing it EOD.