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Ooops, I Did It AGAIN!!!!


What this hell is UP with these rich, young women???

If 50 million people knew that Federline as a loser, why didn’t she?

Now Britney is doing the Humpty-Dump with a Federline look-alike Model named Issac Cohen that she describes as “hot” and he “likes to change diapers”.

Right…great husband material there, Brit. What he “likes” is what he saw flashing when you were out doing the Motado and snorting Coke with Paris and Lindsey.

Tell me, guys; does money make you STUPID, I ask 'yas???


I suspect she was stupid before, but her mom’s influence and her budding career helped mask it.

Betcha’ PROF thinks Cohen is pretty hot!!!



Britney understands the CONCEPT of this person and not the person. This seems to be a recurring theme…“Hit me baby one more time.”

[quote]Mufasa wrote:
Betcha’ PROF thinks Cohen is pretty hot!!!



You pay way more attention to that Entertainment Tonight headline crap than I would ever be comfortable with. I remember Brittany’s first video in the school girl outfit and that concert with the snake, but that’s about as much attention as I gave to her. I grew up watching/dreaming of Alyssa Milano and hoping they would accidentally do a nude scene right before the credits rolled so I tend to go for celebrity women that aren’t that Barbie-like.

Women I DO like to see and hear about in movies:
Angelina Jolie
Halle Berry

I tend to ignore the rest of that shit because it just isn’t real at all.

OMG SOOOOOOOOOOOO hawtt…his tattoos omggggggggg

It MUST be these “thug Wanna’ Be’s” that our Little Cajun Flower must like.

Hell, Brit! Go get a REAL Thug, if that’s what you like!!!

At least 50cent has some money and a job!


You can take the girl out of the trailer park…

I think the new guy’s attracted by the multi-million-dollar divorce settlement going to K-Fed.

I’d give up a year or two changing diapers and nailing a brain-damaged coke head for that much cash.

– ElbowStrike

[quote]simon-hecubus wrote:
You can take the girl out of the trailer park…[/quote]

Oh, snap!

I saw pics of her and that dude and i was like “brintey and k fed are back together”…they look the same

and she threw up on him… i mean he had peanut butter in his pocket

Toche, Prof!

Oh, yeh!

There is MANY a young boy in our generation who got there first woody off Ms. Milano before she became a Witch…and wishing we could all be Tony Danza FOR JUST ONE DAY!

(“Who’s the BOSS?”, baby!)



Alyssa today…

A little more mature…


Hotter than ever…

(DAMN you, Prof! You made me realize that I STILL haven’t completely gotten over this woman!)



[quote]Mufasa wrote:

(DAMN you, Prof! You made me realize that I STILL haven’t completely gotten over this woman!)



I don’t know who could. I think she’s older than me by a couple of years but we were still supposed to hook up…at least according to those dreams I had. She made Christina Applegate look like she needed to mature a little more.

(…Alyssa…can’t think…must focus…)


Back to our “Little Cajun Princess” and her taste in men!


Lost little girl.

Now, simon…

Our Little Pop Princess may smoke a few “Marlboros” now and then…and drink a little “Jack D” every once and a while…

She’s been known to flash her coochie while wearing nothing but cutoffs…

And she has chewed a little “Skoal” in her past…

But to call her…(I can hardly type it…)…“Trailer Trash”???

That’s a LITTLE harsh…


I really wonder how being surrounded with so many people, so much press, publicity, hype and money as she was growing up has influenced her personality. How can anyone truly mature into a level-headed, responsible adult in that environment? Maybe her rush to have kids is a reflection of her insecurity in that dept, like being a mother will make her a capable adult. Obviously not… Pretty sad really

Agree, Boppy:

I really think that what you see Brit doing I’ve seen played out a THOUSAND times before by young women of less means; getting hooked up over and over again with one loser after another, often having a baby with each one.

When you are rich, it simply gets played out in a more public arena.

I also think that when these kids are also rich, they feel that money and privilege will solve all their problems. So far it isn’t working for Brit, Lindsay and a collection of young Starlets before them.