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Oooo O'Bama


"Barack Obama's advisers, responding to criticism by Republican nominee John McCain that the Democratic candidate's tax plan is equivalent to "welfare," clarified that his proposed tax credits would require beneficiaries to be employed or to have been recently employed." - Wall Street Journal.

I'm just curious to all those O'Bama supporters out there .. do you know exactly what is meant by "recently employed"? Also, have you actually checked out the breakdown of his tax/economic plans if elected? And you support that?


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...What does employment have to do with welfare?


Christina Model.



Well, if you're employed, you pay the welfare of those who aren't...Thought that was a given...


Have you checked out Mccain's plan and do you believe him? What makes Mccain more truthful and honest than BO? They are both politicians. Wake up!


Thank You!