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Oooo he da man .....

To a certain unquestionable t-man who shall remain nameless, thanks for watching my back. Oh, and by the way, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TIMBO !!! :).

What’s up Dre? Too busy for the forum now? Bro, don’t let the girls rule your life. It’s all about keeping the balance my man.

As for Timbo, what's up big dogg? So today is your birthday? No kidding! Happy Birthday my man. I hope all is well. I know I haven't emailed you lately. I told you things have been crazy busy. They still are bro! I hope you have a kick-ass day Timbo! How's it feel to be 21?

“Ride Wit Me” boyz! Hey, wassup, Big Daddy Dre and my main man Nate Diggity Dogg?

Dre, ya know I’ve got your back (as rugged and wide as that chin-blasted mofo is)…always, chief. Thanks for the b-day wishes. I’m about to treat myself to something real nice: a kick-butt workout! Time to get nasty…

Nate, hey bro! Thanks for the greetings. Don’t sweat it, my man, I know you’re a busy mofo and the door swings both ways…I’ve been hella busy with the summer semester ending. But I’ll drop one on ya…I’ve been following your progress and enthusiasm with Coach D’s stuff–that guy’s awesome!–and am pumped for ya. How does it feel to be the big 2-1? I don’t know or care to tell ya the truth…I’ll always be a vigorous lil’ kid at heart and mind!

Timbo, just let me add my heartfelts here as well! Happy B-day, bud! And while you’re busy in the gym punishing yourself soooooo good, make sure you save a little for some lucky lady this evening… :wink:

Happy birthday Timbo! I haven’t been on the forum much, actually not at all for a LONG time. It just so happens that when I came back this is one of the first posts I see! I guess there’s some irony there. I’m still heading up north on Friday. I haven’t heard from Nate Dogg in a while either. What’s been going on since I’ve been gone? You both need to e-mail me. Hope I hear from you’s soon!

Timbo, the original, the only. I was thinking about you a couple Wednesdays back, hoping the word from the endocrinologist was good. Anyway, happy birthday! May you continue to grow in mind and muscle and size, and may your enthusiasm stay forever young.

Timbo my brother…happy F’in birthday!! Remember…you are now 21, the clock is ticking…soon you will be 31, then 41, then you will just be a wrinkled up shrivelled old man with no muscle tone!! So go EAT, TRAIN and GET BIG!! Have a good one bro!