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ontario t-nation

calling all ontario t-men/t-vixen…

wondering if there is enough t-men and t-vixen to create an ‘Ontario Chapter of T-Nation’

-we could get together for contests, meets and various events.

-share information and resources.

-combine our membership for better purchasing power at a supplement shop.

let me know…

yours in brotherhood,

im down.



Live in TO.
I would love top join. There are some great guys from ON on here that are very knowledgeable-

i.e. Thunder

PM me should you want some more details on location living or work or whatever.



Leafs suck!

i’m in TO.

bumpity bump

Fellow Ontario T-Men/T-Vixen

Private Message (PM) me with your email and I will send an email out to all those interested in about one weeks time.

We can then exchange info and ideas about how you would like to set up our chapter.


holy fuck.

remind me to put it under training/nutrition next time.

let’s get this fucking ball rolling!



ok folks…

i have set up a temporary website for now.



why is our logo of a mouse??? yeah he’s gut big arms and all but a mouse??

The mouse probably isn’t the best mascot, but honestly, I have to give an honerable mention to jay for trying.

Obviously not in a graphics related field. Just joking bud.

To keep this thread at the top, I am proposing the first order of business be to figure out a way to lower the crazy costs we have to pay in Canada for any kind of supplement.

First warning: Surge at GNC anywhere is listed at 71 bones. Go to SND or Popeyes, pick it up for $39.99. Use and abuse it, it is cheaper than some generic shitty protein powders. Also, it will always be in stock since uneducated people won’t buy it because it contains ‘carbs’ GASP…

So… we benefit directly from knowing its purpose and also its availability.

I am investigating how to get Hot-Rox from netrition for 48 USA. Still much cheaper than 110 or 89 that I have seen off the shelves.


For those who don’t subsribe to berardi’s e-updates, he is putting together some sort of 12 week seminar/training session going on in Downtown TO.

I have emailed about specifics and then will post. I wonder if he would like to join our little Ontario T-cell, and offer advice on Nutrition. Although he is undoubtedly busy as fuck, this is a pretty lofty hope.

Let me know what you have found?



I’m still waiting for you and Big D to get your mofo asses rolling on this ROFL.

whats up ??

nobody likes ‘muscles the mouse’?


hey, I am up for anything that goes down in the Ontario region. I am stuck down in Waterloo going to school though :stuck_out_tongue: We should plan a raid on our american neighbors for mag-10/Hot-Rox.

Like your initiative Jaystyles, but what’s with the mouse? Get a better logo and I’ll sign up. :wink:

a mouse? a moose? i don’t personally give a fuck.

jaystyles - i’m downtown everyday working at mt. sinai hospital. let’s hook up if we can and see what we can do for our chapter.

everyone else - keep sending our message and recruiting members! we’ve a strong following in ontario and i’d love to organize a group of us to meet up.

hey everyone in TO,

i’ve a friend who owns a nutrition store and i was talking to him this weekend about getting a discount on large orders of biotest and other products you might be interested in. the biggest ones that we were talking about were Grow! Surge and ZMA, but any other supps you are interested are fair game (multis, flaxseed oil, etc.). so, this week i’ll be heading over to Popeye’s, SND and MuscleMag to see what they’ve listed and see what the managers would give me for a bulk order. if you’re interested in this, then reply to this thread. hopefully within a week to 10 days, i’ll be able to list the prices they’ve offered on this thread.


Big D