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Ontario T-Nation 'World Domination Strike Force'

The ‘Ontario Chapter’ of T-Nation will lead the revolution.

Cool stuff Jay! Who’s that funny looking guy standing with the blue T-shirt?:wink:

If you’re in the pic, give a shout as to who you are!

i, is the brother pluggin’ t-mag with the grey sweater.



great pic! glad its up for everyone to see.

Big D

big d…

how 'bout our next event?
a little paintball adventure?


you in???


yup - just trying to plan out the best dates for me since i’ve got wedding weekends and cottages. i’ll call you about it.

big d.

throw your fav date up on the site.

btw, i got a paintball with your name on it. (you’ll be an easy target bigman)! :slight_smile:


you’ve got a paintball with my name on it?



a date will be chosen soon.

I am the guy holding the soon to be opened “Testostrone” shirt, Cheers and paintball should be fun July 10 or the 24 is good for me.

How bout a roll call of peeps in the pic so we can put faces with names. Tergon ID’d himself and I recognize big JB, so who else is there?


You looking for a dance partner?

Just kidding ya!

Let those that are in the picture, ID themselves.

Or better yet, if your local, come out and join us!


Jay, we’d make a great dance team…Jo-Jo and Jay-Jay! lol

I’d love to join your group but Ontario’s a bit far for me.

I’m the guy on the white t-shirt to the right of JB in the picture. Damn that guy makes me look small. :frowning:

The date has been set.

Visit http://www.geocities.com/jaystyles_2000/news

Details are there.


How about getting together at the natural show in london on the 24th of july? CT’s girl is competing and he’ll be there all day. If we can get CT and JB together at the same place, conquering the world will be a walk in the park!


I’d need a ride to London. Can anyone gimme a lift?


Being the shortest person in the T-Cell I’ll be a tough target. You punks are goin’ down!!!

Any of you from the Guelph area?

done, done and done…

The date is July 10th at 2pm.

Any NEW BLOOD want to join us and come out for paintball ???