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Ontario T-Men?


Hello T-Nation. My name is kevin, i am in the GTA, in Ont. Canada. I have been on this site daily for a few months now and thought i'd introduce myself.

31 yrs, 6"3, 245, 18%bf, Still packing it on till around mid April. Been training for 5 years. I dont compete, who knows maybe someday, i just LOVE TO TRAIN.

The reason I am posting is to see how many T-Men are in my genereal area. I am training at a local commercial gym, and to my knowledge there is no one there with my intensity/commitment.

I am constantly amazed at the lack of intellect with most trainees around my city, i need a challenge guys. I work directly in the industry, and i am exposed to all types of people, but i tell ya, none like who are on here. So, drop me a line, perhaps we're neighbours, plus, i could use a car pool for one of these famous seminars i have been reading about. : )

BTW, the site and articles are un-matched in my experience, I love it T-Nation, keep it coming!


GTA, here


There is an Ontario chapter of T-Nation. You can become a member by checking out www.jaystyles.net


Work in TO, live in the Hammer! (from PEI originally).


Thanks Bob


Thanks for the replies guys, I'm in the Mississauga area specifically... What are your guys goals? Training scheds like? Stats? How long have you been training?

I am interested in all types of training parameters, I love the articles on here, and have used some programs as is, but mostly implemented some of the thinking/insights/tips into my own training. I have always trained for size, as a skinny 6"3 in HS i just wanted to fill out, but recently I have been interetsed in powerlifting/strongman training... any of you guys into that?


What gym are you guys at? I just changed from Premier to Fitness Connection on Don Mills. Has 2 power racks :slightly_smiling:


No sweat.

We should get a bunch of Ontario T-Nationers together for a work-out.

I suggest legs.


I'm not in Toronto, but I do come down for weekends to train with my team. It would be pretty excellent to get a group together, though.

(P.S - I would represent the T-Vixen constituents... who you definitely should include in this gathering!)

I hail from the NCR (Ottawa west)


Hey dude,

I'm from 'Sauga as well. I know what you're talking about. Most younger guys don't train, it's mostly guys who work doing the 3 sets of 8 rep deal. Since I started working regular hours the gym is too busy to do GVT or 1-6, I bought a power rack and oly weights. I kinda like working out anytime I want. That being said, I sometimes get a 3 month membership to get back into the gym atmosphere.

If you want to car pool into some of the local T-Nation events, let me know.


What the fuck? I went to jaystyles and registered, is there anything to do there? It does do anything except let you order a few tshirts i'm digging the popeyes collaboration though, how do I get in on that? I'm now a member, also is anyone around aurora/newmarket?


northern ontario

goal: look good naked as well as badass


heyo, toronto here, high park area to be specific. i go to school in london though (first year western). my goals? world class strength coach (like the kind folk on here, lol). Really into strongman training (well more like the idea of it since i live in rez), also have an Oly coach on the danforth who i see every 2 weeks while at school. since no one else is throwing in the stats ill start it out. 225 bench, 405 deadlift, 285 ATG squat, and 315 Parallel squat. workout 6 days a week right now (taking its toll). lets here some more numbers boys (and girls)!


I'm in Richmond Hill... Close enough?


It'll do...haha

bench 250ish

I say ish because I never really max out at all.

Anyways, what the hell is up with jay styles site thingy.


Southern Ontario right here, good to see so many ontario T-men around.


I'm also striving to become a kick ass strength and conditioning coach...

haven't maxed in a while but they were...

315 bench
405 squat for 3
500 deadlift (yah i added the 2.5's to each side to make it an even 500 so what?)

Those numbers were when I just turned 18... I'm soon to turn 19 so maybe I should try again and see how much they've moved up.


London Ontario in da house


Ottawa representing.. that sounds terrible.


Representing the Hammer here. I work out at a private facility where there is never more than 5 people training at a time. I'd love to learn some oly lifts though.

Current Stats

Height: 5'3
Weight: 175lbs
Bodyfat: 18%

Squat 385
Bench 225 (weak as shit)
Dead 405