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Ontario T-Cell

It’s about time an Ontario T-Cell got up and running.

like anything that requires organization, we’ll be needing reliable people to spearhead meetings and arrange places/activities. for the time being, if there are interested members out there in and around Southern Ontario, please respond to this thread and pm me as well. jaystyles and myself are located in toronto, and satan_ is not too far off in hamilton? or mississauga. for everyone else who are already members of T-cells in their own area, i would gladly appreciate feedback and suggestions on how your T-cell originated and how you’ve been able to accomodate your cell members. we’ve got a great Canadian tradition of producing world class coaches and athletes, why not continue the tradition by showing what we’re really made of? i’ll be constantly checking this thread for interested members and ideas. so, i thank everyone in advance for their help and their commitment.

Suggestion #1: Do a search on “Ontario T cells” and read

k well I’m a 23 year old student living with mommy and daddy in mississauga. I’m an aquarius. In my spare time I like to do 20 rep breathing squats and my favourite colour is fuscia.

I’m looking to meet some highly motivated, intelligent people cause lately I feel like I’m surrounded by sheep. I am NOT interested in getting together to engage in pointless banter. I am not bringing cheesecake. Only people who don’t understand “impossible”, please. Hopefully we can fuel eachother so that we can go further in our endeavors.