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Ontario T-cell

First, is there one? I know there are Canadian T-men and T-vixens, but how many in Ontario? If there’s enough we should have a T-cell gathering.

What do you think?

We’ve tried before; unsuccessfully.

Kingston here.

Ontario is pretty big. You’ll have to narrow it down a bit if you plan on getting together more often than once every 3 years or so.

Btw, during the school year I’m in Southern Ontario by Niagara Falls for 5/7 of the week so I’d be game for a Southern Ontario T-Cell. Even though I’m not actually Canadian.

“Magnus” (Brett) is from Guelph…he is cruizin on his Duc up here to Calgary for T3 right now, I am sure that he would appreciate a cell closer to home!

But only if you can scrounge up a few Vixens to rival the likes of Eva, Cass, Jac, Jade and Caryn.

Oh, and only if said Vixens allow him to roll around in Jello brand pudding while yodeling Van Halens greatest hits with them like ours do.

“Wrestling is ballet with violence”

~ Jesse Ventura

Toronto/Ottawa (univesity) here.

You guys need to car pool down here to Pittsburgh. I will get you a deal on hotel rooms and you can party with us.

I was thinking Toronto or more South. I live in London and I wouldn’t mind travelling a few hours to meet with other T-members.

How serious is everyone? We could plan for October or November? Or sooner?

I could travel to Pittsburgh.

Iron Maiden - whens the T-cell meeting there?

Any Southern Ontario T-readers into heading down to Pittsburgh to join the Pittsburgh T-Cell(read in other thread) and catch an NFL game? There are always bus/ticket tour operators heading out from T.O. to NFL games in nearby cities. Sure to be a good time!

Oct 5th for Browns vs Steelers.

I love you guys for considering this!!

Makes a Vixen’s heart swell two times it’s normal size.

I’m in Ottawa, however a train to Toronto is pretty cheap.

There are 2 T-Mag readers here, for sure (myself and my roomate from last year) oh and another according to this thread (Ottawa U sucks, Carleton all the way!)

If someone wanted to organize a T-cell meeting sometime in late october, november I would be down. If its in Toronto I will more than likely need to hotel it up or crash somewhere, if in Ottawa I can put a couple people on the couches if they need it!


wow, another person in london other than myself. if i didn’t see it i wouldn’t believe it. i’m new to the forum but have been reading tmag for about 3 years now (issue 70ish or so).

That would be an awesome game. I love the Steelers. October sounds good. I’d have to find out if I can afford it (going vactioning next week = poor me)

Are we still considering this or what? I noticed it slipped to the 3rd page. Anybody interested besides Guenther?

I’m in Ottawa, but go to school in Waterloo, so if it’s near KW/London area, I’d attend(despite not being a regular poster… more a lurker).

There’s a surprisingly large number of Canadian contributors to T-mag, and most are from London.(to the guy who was surprised about other London readers).

I don’t think I’d have the money anytime soon to be able to catch a bus down to Pittsburgh and for a ticket to a football game.

I just got back from a trip up North to Timmins that set me back about 275 big ones (actually it was little ones because thats Canadian dollars…hahahahahaha, I’m funny). At any rate I have $1.99 in my bank account and am barely able to buy Grow! and Surge let alone go out partying in foreign towns.