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Ontario Ordering?

What do you order, how well does it go over and how much is the shipping?

I get about 150 a month in supps form T-Nation (without shipping) I have had everything come over the border. If you choose the USPS regular mail it takes a long time. I would either go with USPS global express mail or fed-ex.

My last order took like a month becuase customs couldn’t figure out if TRIBEX was allowed in Canada. Luckily my dad is a high ranking cop, so he helped them make the right decision.

Most of the time it costs 15-25$ for duties. If we could only get them to put gift, then you would’t have to pay duties. That is illegal so it will never happen.

Last time I ordered I got:

  • 2 Tubs of Surge
  • 2 Tubs of Metabolic Drive
  • 1 Bottle of HOT-ROX
  • 1 Bottle of Spike

It took about a month and a half to get here, but I didn’t pay a dime in duties, which was really weird.

I ordered a few weeks ago. I ordered 1 bottle of Max. HR and 3 bottles of HRX along with some other things. Despite the fact that A7E is banned in Canada I had no problem getting it across the boarder.

I would recommend ordering from Biotest, just make sure your order is no for a single product. And ship with US postal service Global. For an order worth 250US it cost me 20 canadian in taxes.

Order from the site, but make it an order that will last some time.

I just ordered 3 TRIBEX, 2 HOT-ROX Extreme and 1 Spike last night. Oh yah… I chose FedEx. I’ll let you know when it gets here. Said 2-5 business days…hopefully coming sometime next week??

Try to avoid shipping anything with UPS across the border into Canada! UPS Canada is basically using brokerage fees as a cash grab.

I order $45 USD worth of supplements from the States and when I received the package the UPS guy said I owed another $55 CDN for taxes and brokerage fees! Total scam and I’m not the only one:


WOHOO !!! I just got my order. Ordered Tues. 2100 , recieved Fri. 1700. Shipped via Fed Ex… 33.27 CAD upon delivery. Quick delivery = Pricey delivery. BTW this was my fist time ordering. Hope this helps.