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Ontario, More Cars Than Detroit

It’s been like this since 2 years but I just found out. Now I know why they call it the rust belt. Anyone else troubled by this? We are losing a huge chunk of the industry we once had. Someone’s gotta bring back GM and Ford back to their prime.

Also I heard Toyota only hires non-union workers. GM and Ford should do the same thing no offense to any of you GM employees but these health care costs are crushing the company. Anyone else have any ideas on this?

I think the management of the Big 3 has made a ton of mistakes but there is no doubt the unions are killing them in the US.

I’ve sold Honda’s and I must say they got it right. They pay their workers good, great healthcare, and more of their vehicles are assembled in North America than the US makers

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Does anyone know if Toyota manufactures more cars in the U.S. than Ford?

Yeah, my dad works for toyota. Im almost postive they make more cars in America than do GM or Ford