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Ontario Legalizes Prostitution


I don't normally post in this section of T-Nation since it's very US Centric but...


"is based on a balancing of the constitutional rights of sex-trade workers and not about morality"

Good on the judge. I think the stigma around brothels is far outweighed by the social cost of open air prostitution.

I wouldn't say its 'legalized' though. This will be an interesting case to follow.


Question---is...i don't know how to phrase it exactly but....is being a sex worker actually legal in Ontario? I mean not adult videos but escort/etc etc. Because if not....why are they worried about the constitutional rights of an illegal trade?


Good question. I'm by no means a constitutional expert, but it appears there is NO law making prostitution illegal, so by default it is legal. In the past, the government created laws around the business transaction. So although the actual sex act was legal, the negotiation and business transaction were not.

In a way, it's the same as youth smoking. Stores can not sell to kids, but it is not illegal for kids to possess or smoke.

Also, the judgement was suspended for thirty days to allow the government time to appeal.


It should be made legal and taxed.


Because it's already legal, so if it should be made something in the future, it would have to be made illegal...


From what I understand there are 30 days after the decision for it to be appealed. So it's not legal yet.

According to one my law school buddies, right now just living with a prostitute is enough for you to be charged for pandering.