Ontario Gym's

Im just curious to know where all the Ontario guys work out…

Im up in Richmond Hill and work out at the “trendy” Extreme Fitness. blah.

I’m currently AWOL from Canada, living in Indiana. When I get the chance to go back I have family in Kitchener and I usually wind up working out at Popeye’s Gym.


I work out at Bodyparts in St. Thomas. they just relocated and doubled their size…hoping to become a trendy gym

They’ve added 2 squash courts (old location = 0), doubled the tanning beds, added a “private lounge” (whatever the hell that is) and doubled the cardio equipment.

BUT they’ve got a TON of free weights with a Squat rack and a power cage so I’m happy.

Ottawa…the ‘Y’ on Merivale road… It used to be the ‘muscle’ gym for Ottawa. Good selection of free weights. squat racks smith machines, hack, nautilus… lots of cardio… good place to be…

The YMCA in St. Catharines. It’s got a pretty good free weights section which is what I use mostly anyways. The basketball/volleyball, and squash courts are a nice extra as well, not to mention the eye candy.

I work out at my private training studio in Hamilton. We’ve got DB’s up to 140 and most other crap you need to train. We’ll soon be getting a reverse hyper. Yeehaa!!!

Working out at King Mills Club in Etobicoke. Nice gym but not the same as the Dungeon back in NFLD. There was too many rules, like to chaulk, hats etc

But it does have a heavy lifting room away from all the machines so it is never busy but there are no women doing cardio to look at.

Hey Guys,

I used to work out at Ryerson University just steps from the great Berardi facilities. then I made the switch to a trendier less student like gym (That and the manager happens to be one of my good friends, so I got a good deal) I now work out at Goodlife at St. Clair and Yonge, for those of you who don’t know/care, that’s mid-town Toronto

Not enought squat racks and too much cell phones, but if you go at the right time its dead and your golden.


Wow; seems like the Ontario lifters are coming out of the shadows…

I train at the Scarborough Y and it is challenging training amongst the seniors, teenybopper wannabe punk gangstas, and soccer moms…

The looks I get doing Waterbury, Thibodeau, and Coach John Davies exercises for strength are just priceless.

Time for a new gym as long as I have the time to hunt one down after work.

Any gym(s) in Toronto have a reverse hyper bench ?

i’m still a student (seems like for life) at UofT so i work out at the AC which has an olympic lifting platform and bumper plates so doing cleans and snatches is a go, and at the student “community centre” called hart house - smaller weight room, dumbbells only go to 85, but i still manage to get in some good work.

i used to work out at bally’s - the one at bay and bloor and then the one at 401 and 404 - also got some good work in those places.

looking for a gym? well, i used to think that finding a suitable gym would never happen since they are getting more hoity-toity nowadays, and the students that i’ve worked out besides at uoft are sometimes a pain to deal with (bad gym etiquette i guess you can say). however, i find that if i just make space and don’t give a shit if people think i’m in their way then i get great workouts. its a selfish attitude of course, to use the rack or bench for 20 minutes, or to “reserve” several weights/benches for something like meltdown training, but i do it anyway.

big D

Shockingly enough the Goodlife at Kennedy and Ellesmere is really quite good. Ivanko Competition and Texas Power bars abound, four power racks, and they don’t mind chalk! They are even running an unsanctioned Powerlifting meet on the 22nd. In all I’m pretty happy with it.

Hey Kids,

I’m at Wallace Emerson Rec Centre (City of Toronto). Hell, it’s 10 bucks a month and got everything I need and NO posers chatting on cell phones.


I train at home. Although I might start to use the Merivale “Y” in Ottawa for some heavy days.

Ray Friel Center - east end (Orleans) of Ottawa. Decent free weight area, though the ratio of people doing curls vs. squats in the power rack is quite high.

Been to the Bally’s at 404/Gordon Baker, Goodlife @ Steeles/Woodbine and Goodlife at 427/Eglington in Toronto. Bally’s was my favourite of these 3, though that’s not saying much.

Goodlife in Strathroy On. They have been updating thier equipment but it is a bit crowded at times. You can look through the glass to the ‘rears’ of all the candy on the cardio equipment so thats a bonus. They have one power rack but in the 6 months I’ve been a member I’ve only seen 1 other person doing squats in it besides myself. I have seen curls done in every machine in the place, the same day, by the same dude.


Hey mig,

Wow, I guess Strathroy is getting to be quite the metropolis. I used to work in Strathroy about 10 years ago and the only chain store was Timmies!!

I’m at Premier at Birchmount and Eglinton. It’s always pretty dead. Squat rack is always empty :slight_smile:

[quote]iluminatae wrote:
I train at home. Although I might start to use the Merivale “Y” in Ottawa for some heavy days.

might see you there then…
Happy lifting


Hey hey…when I’m in Toronto I work out at Alfie’s gym on the Danforth…It’s great, dates back to the late 30’s when it was a boxing club. Family atmosphere(lifting family, band of brothers type thing)decent gear and pictures of The Oak in his prime…

I work out at Bodywerx in Timmins. I it loaded with machines that I don’t use. 2-3x there and once a week at home.