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Ontario Grow! Order

Hey Ontario-T-Cell

I am going to put together a Low-Carb Grow! order so that we can reduce the shipping costs. So far I have 3 people interested for a total of 9 bottles. I am in the T.O area. I am still working on the payment details but I will determine the best method once I know how many people are interested. Drop me a PM with Name, Location and # of bottles and flavour so I can do some basic numbers.

Hope this might work for some people.

Be Safe

There has been interest shown for this order and I have talked to the person who setup the MAG-10 order and have a few ideas about how to best go about collecting money. SO if you’re interested please drop me a PM so I can make a final list and contact Biotest.

Hey all,

Longtime reader first time write;

I’m interested in buying one of each flavour. I live in downtown TO. Im also heading down to NYC for Christmas and have 2 bottles of maximum strength HOT-ROX waiting for me there. If it’s legal to smuggle over the border, I could get you guys some.

I’ve got 3.5 bottles to go, so I’m good for now. Let me know how it goes though, I’m interested to see how much you save on the shipping.

‘Legal to smuggle’ - best line ever. : )

We can order HOT-ROX through customs fine, so I’m guessing all someone would save is the customs fees.

How much is the total cost to order HOT-ROX to Canada? I ordered underarmour once and I paid about 40 percent is “brokerage” fees.

I don’t know, but I’d fall over if it were more than about 10%.

Brokerage fee’s are BS. My housemate and I ordered two books from elitefits, and got raped. We looked it up on the government site, and this is the best we could find, still, it’s garbage.

Every package coming into canada from the US has a 5 dollar charge added to it. (Period, can’t get around it)

On top of the 5 dollars, you pay 7% gst on the canadian value of the item.

now, that doesn’t sound so bad…but that’s completely missleading. the shipping company can charge a brokerage fee of any amount they want. UPS, the company elitefits ships with, charges 16.80 canadian as their brokerage fee. You then have to pay sales tax on top of the 16.80, plus the 7% duty.

so for us, a both a 22.99 USD and 29.99 USD book cost just under and just over $20 canadian to bring into canada (this is on top of the shipping cost). (ie for a 29.99 USD book i paid a totaly of 70 dollars)

if you can get it in canada, do it. if not, do anything you can to get it in past customs on your own

I’ve been wanting to place an order but when I called Biotest they said it could be siezed at the border at my risk. Aren’t you worried about this? I don’t know if T-Nation will publish this because it seems to be a sensitive subject that usually gets axed. But if this gets through, how much luck have Canadians been having with orders without getting siezed at the border? I’d love to try some Surge.


If Surge gets seized I’ll eat my own foot. OK, maybe I won’t, but I’ve never EVER had a problem. Surge is SOLD in Canada, as are most of the other ‘older’ products. I’d rather get them from Biotest, but this tells you about the chance of them being seized.

Ok guys we are sitting at about 10 units right now with 2 other people pending, I am planning on putting the order in just after x-mas, maybe before but if your interested PM with what you want.

Train hard.

Ok got some bad news about the shipping from biotest:

5 bottles – $45.00
10 bottles – $60.00
15 bottles – $80.00
20 bottles – $95.00

BUT its not dead, I am either going to drive down to a friends in the USA to pick it up or have him ship the order to us in Canada. I will be contacting Fed-Ex today about the cost of shipping. When I went to fed-ex.com and got a shipping estimate the 20 bottle were priced around 30$ to ship them all.