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Ontario Area


I was wondering if there were any experienced AAS users around the southwestern ontario area that would be willing to help guide me through some questions regarding AAS use.


we have to be from southwestern ontario to answer your questions?

...ohhhh I get it


well since i'm buying the stuff here...


pm me buddy


Are Canadian Customs that full on? I know Australian Customs are a nightmare, but I've never heard of issues getting gear into Canada.


I'm canadian and tried getting my gear overseas. They started seizing them after the second one, and then everyone told me Canadian customs are very strict. I haven't tried again since, I get it from inside the country now and I wouldn't try any other way... I was pissed when I lost a $200 order.. especially since i'm a student and not swimming in cash

on the plus side, you don't really have to worry about the legal implications so much in Canada


Exactly the problem. The thing is I don't like putting cash up and possibly losing it although it is an inherent risk.