Onset Male Pattern Baldness on Cruise or Just Normal Shedding?

I finished my test blast a few days ago and started on my 120mg test E cruise and just noticed some hair on my hands while shampooing. I understand that some shedding is natural but I never really questioned how much hair was normal to shed and how much was the onset of male pattern baldness.
is seeing about a dozen hair strands normal while shampooing ? I’m not getting hair strands in my handbif I try to pluck some out afterwards either.
also this barber I went to told me my hair were thinking at the back of my head but then again it was the first time I went there so he shouldn’t know what my hair thickness was like before.
it Should also be mentioned that I’ve beeb unning 75mg proviron these last 3 days

Proviron is known to be harsh on the hairline. I would start with dropping that and see if you’re still shedding.

the box is already finished so I ain’t buying any again. gonna report back in a few days if it works.

its proably 100% androgen alpecia.
Aka male pattern baldness.

You shouldent shed by yourself unless you have done something that could stress you really badly, like having a trauma or somthing.

Yes, you shed from cycles, then the shedding stops when you stop and reduce aas, and when you begin again it will shed further.
The hair you lose dont come back.

Take it from somone who had a hair transplant 2 months ago and was thinking “naah im just sheeding a little right now” … and it did that a couple of times and suddenly i had 30% hair left.

You dont notice hairloss until your below 50%

I’ve been on TRT for years and at 36 have a super thick head of hair but from August to January (July-August was a very stressful time as I basically quit my life and moved 1000+ miles) and went from not one hair coming out in the shower to 100/day everyday during that time. It stopped around January and I’ve gone back to losing zero hair in the shower. From what I read that type of shedding grows back but what do you think? I’ve got enough hair that I really don’t notice much of a difference.

yea that type of shedding will probably grow back allmost 100%.
Because the hair is just dropped from the follicle from stressful events.
Trauma to the head can induce heavy shedding.

Its when miniaturization of the follicle happends your screwed.
Like topic starters story its probably androgen induced.

yours is stress.
Might take some time, if your follicle has gone dormant, it will take a cycle or 2 to restart.
So it might be dormant for months and the start growing hair again.

You see the same in trauma to the scalp.

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oh shit I guess my blasting days are over

Thank you!

Naah, you just have to use your brain a little.
I have halted my hairloss completely, fixed a lot of the damage with a hair transplant and now i just take care when i cycle.

Ru58841 is your friend to stopping androgens from reaching your scalp.
Combining that with low androgen steroids, then you should be good.


I quit doing blast on 400mg tren.
Instead i am doing 600mg deca and 250 test currently, and i will add 20mg var a day to that.
lowest hairloss roids combined with ru58841 and i am in the safezone by far.

Only downside is, i have to care a lot more about my diet.
Updise, my hdl and ldl has never been better.

So im cycling smarter and i still get gains.

it seems that chemical is not for sale anywhere in my country
checked a few local forums and everyone is complaining about how it isn’t available here… sucks because it seems legit from the study I’ve seen on it.
however I am a big fan of tissue selective sophisticated steroids like anavar,primo and deca. always wanted to try some but I don’t think even those will help me if the hair loss already started. I’ll keep looking into this to see if I can find a solution but it looks pretty grim.
my blasts were nothing but test and dbol so far

where are you located ?

I live in DK, we have the strictest law against roids.

MK677 is just as bad as a gram of cocaine here.

I can fairly easy get my shizzle though anageninc.com i think they are called.
You just need to learn to use bitcoins, and they guarantee delivery.

they only have things for your hair though, no roids and such.
And they ship worldwide, just bought 5g of ru58841 for around 140 usd, thats gonna last me 6months.

well I live in turkey so 140usd worth of bitcoin is around a thousand turkish liras which is almost my rent.
I’ll try some over the counter stuff that moreplatesmoredates.com used.
if all else fails I guess I’ll just save up and hope wherever I but Bitcoin from doesn’t scam me.

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ahh, lol ok.
Ive just been to istanbul to have my hair done actually.
your currency is fucked compared to dk i can see.

Well, your best bet is to get some finasteride then and go with test only cycles.
Finasteride works really good with testosterone, but it will make your hairloss worse if you use deca.

i thought anything was legal i turkey lol ?

How much do you pay for 10 cc of test e over there?

oh … i can recommend using coinbase for bitcoins.
Its really easy to use and pretty safe, just dont store your coins in there long term.
Buy the bitcoins you need to pay with and then pay your bill :slight_smile:

I mostly use coinbase when i need to do a quick transaction.

CEX is better, and cheaper (you can save like 5% of your total bill with them).
But they are a little harder to grasp if you are new to bitcoins.

it’s illegal to sell but not illegal to have so getting gear isn’t a problem. a couole years ago you could buy primo,anadrol and sustanon over the counter and you can still but proviron too. you can’t do that these days since pharmacies are afraid of increased inspections.

well you can buy test e online here for 140 but chances are you’re getting underdosed test prop to make you feel like you pinned test. I buy from (not a site) someone that claims they know a guy who brings legit iran test in so he sells it to me for 200. sometimes I feel like I pinned and get horny and sometimes I don’t. kind of suspecting some of the vials have prop in them… take a look ; I did gain 9 kilos in 8 weeks so surely SOME vials were legit .

I’ll definitely look into that whole ordeal. a study backed chemical is very tempting so it’s definitely worth it for me

Like, do you pay 200 usd or 200 lira ?
because 200 lira is dirt ass cheap compared to other places in the eu.

if it was usd I’d go bankrupt lol it was 200liras. if it was 200 usd I’d pay around 1200 lira which is almost half the minimum wage
if you convert 200lira to usd yeah it may seem like that but that’s because our currency is worthless. everything we import costs a lot. for example an Optimum whey 2.3kg is 250 liras while a kg of ground beef is 80. leter of milk 6. loaf of bread 1.5
how much is 10cc test e at eu? if it’s around 70 than damn that IS actually expensive

Well its a bit different in Denmark.

Im a student and i have a good job.
So i have around 12-16.000 ,- dkr each month.
Its allmost the same as the Lira.

When im done with school (Architecture and management) i might have around 25-30.000,- dkr after tax (we pay 40% Tax).

And on the street 10 cc test e is around 300 DKR (allmost the same as the lira).
but i get mine around 200.
But that is the good stuff like Phoenix and alpha pharma.

Jesus man, i feel lucky to be in DK… when i was in turkey my driver told me he only slept for 4 hours to earn his wages…

tRUE lol
the economy here was fine until 2014 with the dollar price going up to 2.0 from 1.5. back then this was a huge deal but then around 2017 it doubled… now it’s at 6
a leter of milk was 2.5 lira about 6 years ago.