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Only Using One at a Time From Now On


Any more is too much for me.......may just take 2 shots of Sustanon 250 a week for 8 weeks and see how I get on....I know many on here will disagree and say it's not enough but Im sure I can get pretty good gains with a great diet and those dosages.


pussy! lol jk


Lol, seriously though, Id rather be called a pussy than have issues later on, I read about prople going on first cycles consisting of Test/deca/D-bol, there is no need, 500mg of Test MAX for first timers, no need for anything else.


While not ideal for sust because of the prop ester, 2 days a week will probably be fine provided you have an AI. If you can push it to at least 3 pins a week that would be much better.

I run 500 mgs a week with most cycles, sometime 750 but 500 still puts you well over natural test levels. You should still see nice even gains from this.