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Only Two Different ME Exercises


seeing as how i'm not very strong or advanced yet, i was thinking that it would benfit me more if i worked on the core lifts (ie dead bench squats) etc more often when doing a congugate routine.
So would it be advisable if i just rotated 2 ME exersises every 2-3 weeks:
lower: parallel squat, deadlift

Upper: Flat bench, incline,


I think so. If you are a beginner, you should be hitting PR's almost every ME day. If you aren't... then you might need to switch up the exercises.

If you are aiming to build a bigger bench and you hit a PR in the bench 3 straight weeks, you probably shouldn't switch it up. Just keep going until you need to change things.

At least that's my take on things.


also you may wanna go for a 5rm or maybe 5rm 1wk, 3rm next wk, 1rm nxt week. get some reps in there over just a 1rm