Only Two Days to Lift?

So i really want to start either the quattro dynamo program or westside for skinny bastards. Not 100% sure which one yet. However, this week, I only have two days to lift, next week, I have unlimited time, and the following, I have two days. My questions is…what should I do to balance my lifting? Two total body sessions? Upper lower split? Cardio both days?

This week they will be consecutive days, thursday and friday. Next week I have 4-5 days free, the following I have Monday and Tuesday free…what should I do?

Thanks for the help!
(a little dude looking to become a bigger dude)

Is this schedule going to continue for a long time or is this just a short term time obstacle? Can’t you just go to the gym early in the morning?

If you only have 2 consecutive days each week to work out you should probably do a Push-Pull split. Go all out since you’ll have a lot of recovery time.

On your free weeks just work out how the program would normally demand.

Front Squat
Dumbbell Bench Press
Military Press

Barbell Row
Glute-Ham Raise

Keep Reps above 6. Don’t Max out.

No, this schedule will only last until the week of February 10th. Then I’ll have all the time i need. I can’t go to the gym in the morning though.

Do you like the QD program or Westside better?

If 2 out of the next 3 weeks only gives you 2 days to lift, it’s not going to hinder progress in the long run…at all.

That being said, I’d rock the push/pull split as well.

Definitely cardio both days.

If you want to get hyooge that is.

If you want to have a crack addict type body, I guess you could lift some weights or something. or smoke some crack.

You can still make gains with only two days, as long as it isn’t permanent. Use the opportunity to do something different than what you have been doing. You can break down two days several ways.


You could also use this time to specialize in one or two lifts.

This is really not a problem in the big scheme of things. A couple more suggestions:

Do the 2 scheduled workouts from QD or WS4SB, whichever you are going to use… or

Go in those days with no plan and just do whatever you feel on those days. Hit a max, do a circuit, just wing it.

I’d do the Quattro Dynamo or TBT. That will give the biggest bang for the buck with your limited time. Actually, on those 2 days, would you have time for two sessions per those days? If so, you could set yourself in a position for 5 days recovery which actually would turn out quite well.

I think, until your schedule smooths out, just do full body.

[quote]derek2183 wrote:
No, this schedule will only last until the week of February 10th. Then I’ll have all the time i need.[/quote]

Then I don’t think you should be worrying about switching programs. Just wait until the 10th to do the program you want. It isn’t a long time.