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Only Training Wed, Sat, and Sun. Program Advice?

I have read all your books, and want to start the supersoldier protocol Right away. But I can only train the following days, saturday-sunday and wednesday. Any suggestion, how to do it? Mayby a silly question, but I need a suggestion in to the Right direction/ With Regards Bengt N

No problem! Just run it as is and do the chest/shoulders/triceps on Saturday and Back and Biceps on Sunday. You then get two full days of rest then smash legs on Wednesday.

Thank’s, and when it’s time for Stars and Stripes, Any suggestions? My own thought is to skip arms on the lower body day during the weekend training, like This:
Saturday: uppger body day 1
Sunday: Lower body day 1, No arms
Wednesday: uppger body day 2
Saturday: lower body day 2, No arms
Sunday: uppger body day 1
Wednesday: lower body day 1, With arms💪
And so on.
/With Regards Bengt N

why would you exclude the arm work each day?

Sorry for my bad english, I meant to skip the arm training the lower body day on the weekends and only train them on my upper body day during the weekend, but wednesday would be arm training day no matter if it is upper or lower body day. But any suggestions woul be much appreciated/ Rgds Bengt N

I wouldn’t take them out of lower body day.

Thank’s so you mean training them 2 days in a row during the weekends? Rgds Bengt N

No I mean follow the routine AS WRITTEN. There’s no need to remove the arm work and do it on another day. It’s a few sets for biceps and triceps.

Ok, I understand. Thank’s /Rgds Bengt N