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Only Training Calves, Not Legs

I’ve always had wide hips and big legs. I don’t want them to get any bigger for now. I’m going to do an experiment: I’m only going to be training calves for the next few months and sprinting. No legs. Anybody tried this before? Thoughts?

You can still train legs without the focus to grow them, and even if they do get a little bigger, if it’s muscle, what’s the problem?

I would highly advise against not training legs for months. Maybe lighten up if you want, or change up your routine, but your legs are half of your body and should be maintained.

If you want to up your calves, try hitting them at the beginning of every workout for 5-6 sets, easy way to get them in and increase frequency.

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Think it’s a weird concept that you have guys worried about having too big of legs. Never do you hear about too big of arms.


show me a picture of your ‘‘big’’ legs please

While I instinctively roll my eyes whenever anyone complains online about any bodypart being too big, I get the calf thing. Wearing shorts, big calves just look cool.

Mine didn’t respond for years until I split em in two different sessions and put in the work. After a while of that, everyone assumed mine were always good.

Session 1: Straight Leg Presses/Raises - do sets of 6 - 8 reps with a good stretch and hard contraction

Session 3: Seated Calf Raises - do sets of 10 - 15 reps, good stretch/contract

Sets: Don’t count, just watch the clock for 15 minutes, stretching between sets.

Now, alternate between session 1, and 2, and repeat so that you’re doing “calves” 3x/week after whatever else you do (I always did calves on chest day and leg day).

Thank me in 6 months :wink:


big enough to be cool?


Cargo shorts and mandals would be a disqualifier in some circles, but I think it’s super rad.