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Only Training 2 Days This Week and No Sleep

so this week i only could go 2 days to the gym (work in a retailer and well this week is black friday so probably little to no sleep from tomorrow until sunday) and wont be able to hit fridays workout (full body routine). will this actually harm my progress? two days seems like a lot of rest + the little sleep. so i was also wondering eating less since my recovery will be horrible + im not hitting the third day?

Yes eating less for a day and missing a workout can cause you to lose all you gains and become a skeleton. You might wanna consider picking up some weights or doing body weight exercises when you work at the retailer.

If your boss asks you to stop, give him a middle finger, he just doesn’t want you to succeed and make gainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Your worried about nothing


Dude this little time off wont matter at all in the long run unless you do this every week.

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Sir I am going to school and wont be able to eat for 3 WHOLE HOURS, will I loose all my gainz?

x2 with bulldog. + extra rest is a good thing


Bring your meal and eat DURING LECTURE!!! What ever it takes baby.

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I second the extra rest. Doesn’t matter how much food I’m shoving in my gob. If I haven’t slept regularly everything goes to complete crap. I can get away with not eating as much when money gets tight so long as I can sleep.

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Can I also bring a safety bar for squats during lecture?

Just bring a regular bar. That way you can also perform curls. Here is a good arm workout plans from The Great Rich Piana for beginner to super set your squats with

I AM NO BEGINNER!!! I will do the 14 hour variation. This Rich Piana you speak of is obviously a noob, who does there arm workout in less then 10 hours?!!

If you aren’t sleeping, you aren’t recovering. Better if you take a break until your life stops being so crazy.

its two days tho

The trick is knowing that traing helps with sleep :+1: You should always make training a priority because it makes everything else better.

was asking because of two days of lack of sleep

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