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Only the Strong Survive

Restarting this Journal.

Gonna keep this short and sweet otherwise paralysis by analysis.

Goal = get progressively strong as fuck with good form + slight calorie surplus & a decent amount of protein = more muscular me. Figuring out how to get as stong as possible as quick as possible = me growing as fast as possible as far as im concerned.

Routine is simple M-W-F

Rack chins
Military press
DB rows
DB flyes
DB curls

I either do 2-3 straight sets or 1 rest paused set imo intensity +high frequency > volume.

Diet = 6000 calories a day 4 shakes 2 meals which are usually chicken or beef + olive oil sometimes veg but I dont usually bother since I have little room left in my stomach. Plan is Low carb - except PWO where I go mad. With a couple of cheat meals weekly to replenish glycogen some more not even sure if thats needed but whatever.

I’m not gonna log lifts here I write them down in my training log and cant really be fucked to write them here aswell. Ill just be writing down thoughts how thuings are progressing and things I experiment with. Perhaps ill do a monthly comparison of progress Lift numbers here though.

Stats every 2 weeks. (weight/ measurments)

Second workout completed added weight for everything and matched reps or added reps…everything going good. Its hard eating or even drinking this much food, but damnit you do what you gotta do to grow right?

One thing I’m going to experiment with and log progress is shake half way through sleep to reduce catabolism. For now though lets see how I do without.

Not feeling strong tody and in a few hours I have to go out do what was done last time or all of this is a waste of time.

managed to outdo previous workout…not by much but progress is progress.

Also Upped my fibre intake and digstion has been much much better.