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Only Test E Cycle, 12weeks

Good evening.
Due to economic issues i was wondering if running testo E only
for 3months is a good idea.
-Iam currently planning to run it for 3months at 1g(maybe 1.250 or 1.5 even) per week.
-What gains should i except?thank god i know i know the basics and my nutrition and workouts are fine.
-is it a good idea overall?
-what about the side effects on such high dosage(s)?
Thanks in advance Cubensis.

test E only cycles are very good. If you post a more detailed cycle plan, we will critique.

there’s more to it than just injecting yourself with testosterone…

Post up your Cycle history, dosage, PCT, stats etc all that jazz and we can help you out.

Hey, whats going on man?

I know I’m brand new to this site but I may be able to help you out on this question, or at least share my experience that I just had. I just ran my first cycle which ended two months ago, a Test E only cycle and was pretty happy with the results and will share the experience and would also appreciate any other critiques/feedback/advice from other experienced members as well!

First off more background about me:

33 years old (began weight training at 16, to play hockey, continued till i was 25, then with work let it slide considerably, 2.5 years ago began taking it up again seriously with the goal of trying to get back to the level I was at previously while playing hockey in college. I felt I had hit a plateau and wasn’t making many gains for a few months and was just lower than where I was at back in college in terms of strenght, weight, body fat, I then decided I’d try testosterone to see what it was about and to hopefully get to best shape of my life!).

Began cycle beginning of march, starting weight 184 lbs, 10% bf, bench press 4 rep max 265lbs (I don’t go for one rep maxes for fear of injury, had previous broken collarbone/shoulder injuries from playing hockey years ago). (I also apologize for not having any other metric to measure strength gains over the course of cycle, due to a knee injury, from playing hockey one week into the cycle).

My cycle:

wk 1-10: 500mg Test E, pinned 250mg twice per week
wk 1-10: AI: Anastrozole .5g EOD
wk 8-11: HCG 500 IU EOD*
wk 12-13: PCT - Nolvadex 40mg ED first week, 20mg ED second week.**

    • I think this may have been the wrong way to use HCG… in the future I play to just keep 500IU EW the entire cycle. Any suggestions/advice appreciated.

** - I chose nolvadex over clomid (athrough my research it seemed they were both rather simliar in the end result, but really boiled down to personal preference in the end). I’m not sure how true that is tho, should both be used? Or is that just overkill?

While on cycle the first few weeks didn’t feel like much but by the 4th I was gaining weight and feeling great. (Which I assume is due to the long ester in test E). I felt much more happy, motivated, and energetic during the whole time. It never felt like I was more aggressive at all, rather more outgoing, friendly, and happy.

I also never felt any gyno symptoms nor had any bad experiences. My appetite however went absolutely through the roof, and my diet was not very strict and I just ate everything, and added some fat (on top of a water bloat gain im assuming) during the cycle.

By the end of the cycle (middle of May) I weighed 208lbs, bf 12%, bench press 4 rep max 305. (i’ll include a before and after picture in two links following).

Since then I have lost some weight and strength, I currently weigh 198lbs, bf 10%, bench press 4 rep max 295.

Overall it was a great experience and will try again in a month or so! I’m going to do a bit more research and look to add something to what I did before. Right now Im guessing I will add Primobolan depot to the mix (and possibly something else…), however its still very early and I realize I need at least as much time off as I had on plus PCT.

below this I’ll put pics of before and after so you can see most likely what you’d gain if did the same thing. (assuming your starting stats are close to mine:)

this was me before starting, weight 184.

this was me at the end of the cycle, pic was taken when i was around 205lbs

Also I realize you plan on running way more than I did on my cycle, so most likely you’ll destroy me in gains:) I’m sure I can’t answer any of your questions that you actually prolly do care about with running a high dose, but that’s why there are all the vets and big guys on here:) I’m new here hadnt posted anything and just saw you running something somewhat similar to what I had tried and had gotten excited and wanted to share, I’ll be interested to keep following the replies people have for you higher dose, and hopefully when you go on you’ll keep us posted!

My current stats are:
Total body fat:9%-11%(unsure, abs visible w/o flexing).

Cycle history:
My first cycle was the classic testo only cycle(propionate) for 3 months previous summer.
Then during winter i did my 2nd cycle which was:
Testo(E) 500mg ew.
Boldenone 500mg ew.
And dianabol 50mg ed(kickstarted with it and discontinued after 6 weeks).
Right now iam on my 3rd cycle:
Testo§ 300mg eod.
Tren(A)700mg eod.
Winstrol 250mg eod.
For any other info or a picture of me real life please dont hesitate ask.

Chicago Rob, I suggest you go and make your own thread instead of hi-jacking someone elses…

Okay Cubensis, cycle looks fine. High test only will be nice, or you could add something like deca in (i really enjoyed it at 400mg/week). AI as you should always run, will get more water retention with high test.

Good evening everyone.
Thanks for your time first off all.
DoctorJekyll i got one question
Could i please use Tren ace or Enanthate instead of deca?
I would rather use tren to look less puffy.
Btw doctor if i use testo on such high dosage…what dosage i need run tren or deca:S?
I admit i never truly understood the low testo/high tren thing or vise versa(confused :S ).
P.S nice job chicago(iam serious).

Cub, test only will always work to some, keep an anti E on hand with such high dose, if you can trow some 300-400 mg of tren or winny weekly along a gram of test will work even better than test only Imo!

Apologies for hi-jacking, I will start a new thread. Best of luck on the new cycle Cube, kick some ass! (Also I’m new, is proper etiquette to take down / delete my posts in this current thread so it doesn’t take up space and then start a new thread asking questions and for advice/critiques?)


Good evening Andre-Jacques.
Thanks for your time/advices bro and yea an anti E on such high Testo dosage is a must.
I was personaly thinking to use Trenbolone(E this time though) for various reassons:
1)Perfect levels of nutritional intake absorption(endless love during bulking period).
2)Incredible cell repair abilities(thanks to the 200% IGF production).
3)All Tren gains are 100% muscle tissue(no water retention).
I might use boldon aswell if my economics will allow me(crosses fingers).

Thanks alot ChicagoRob!

More replies please!

What would you like more input on?

  1. I think Test + Tren is a fine bulking combo. I would always run tren higher than test; just seems to cause less side effects.
  2. You say “due to economic issues” so I’m not sure why you’re asking to run tren as well? It would be a bit costly to run at that high of a dosage.
  3. Test ONLY is great.

Hello Cxtucker.
Thanks for your time first of all.
I believe that running Test E and Tren E this time(not acetate)
won’t be a very expensive choice.
But yea as you very well said I got economic issues and I will most possible run Testo E solo.

if you are looking to bulk for cheap, then just run 1g of test and 50mg dbol. Doesn’t get much cheaper than that, and it’s mega effective.

Thanks for your opinion Yogi.

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