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Only Push Plus Set in the Heavy Week?


hi guys,

would it make sense to only push the plus set in the 3rd (5/3/1) week?
i'm realizing that it is really difficult for me NOT to go all out on the plus sets and this leads to a fast accumulation of fatigue.

most times in the 3rd, "heavy", week i'm so fatigued that i only get very few (but still some) reps in the plus set, which are nowhere near my potential calculated max.
so would you say as long as i'm not missing reps it's ok or would you cut the plus sets in the 5 and 3 week?

thanks and greetz


Move to week order 3/5/1 where you push 3+ week and 5/3/1 week, but do only needed reps in middle week. So you can push sets twice in a cycle, and take the middle week easier.

After I got introduced to 3/5/1 week order I have used it in all my templates. Works perfectly.


Don't let lack of discipline derail you. This is not difficult to do and learning to deal with the emotion of knowing there was one more rep and you didn't take it is an important skill. Pick your battles, they're on the field, the platform, court, etc not in training. You're trying to get better, not win the who got most tired awards.


. Depends where you are at in your 1-5 cycles and how heavy the weight is feeling. In general i push all weeks in cycles 1-2. Push 3 and 1 weeks cycles 3-4. Cycle 5 push 1 week.


ok thanks to all,
i guess i'll skip the plus sets on the next 5s week and see from there.


thanks to all.
i'll try it and only max out one or two weeks.


move week order to 3/5/1 (as Rattus suggested)

use 5s PRO format and only push last set on the 531 week.

i used to do same as you and push last set every week -still do some cycles! -but found 351 + 5sPRO helped me not beat myself up EVERY session!


Remember you don't go "all out" on the final set. You set a PR.

There is a huge difference.