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Only One Supp, What Would You Get?


Being a college student, I don't run into money all the time. I'm looking for one (or maybe two) supplements that you guys would recommend the most over others as the ones you felt most effective. Here is what I'm taking now:

Fish Oil
Meal Replacement shakes (balance of protein, carbs, and fat for post workouts)

Also, I'm looking to burn fat while gaining lean muscle and strength (not so much size as of yet). Does anyone have any suggestions on what 1 or 2 supplements might I need that are considered essential for these goals? Any advice is welcome, thanks.


Fish oil hands down


fish oil provides way more numerous noticable benefits than any other supplements


fish oil



I can get my good fats elsewhere.


Another vote for Flameout, then Surge in a very close second. That is if you're getting adequate protein from your diet alone. If not, I'd grab an extra 40g protein a day from Grow! Whey.




Rhodiola Rosea


fish oil rocks


it tough!

for me, for right now, it would be calcium
because of osteoporosis

but if that wasn't an issue

Fish Oil


Fish Oil


If you're already taking fish oil and protein/mrp powder, I think you'd get by far the biggest bang for your buck with a basic Creatine supplement.

Because it's been around for 15 years now, people forget how much it helps. Expect the quality of your training to go up quickly.


If you've already got protein and fish oil, your next best purchase is...

get ready...



Actually, he's got things screwed up if he's buying supplements before food in the first place.

Assuming you're eating the right foods, I'd go with Surge. If you're not getting enough protein in your diet, pick Grow! Whey first, however.


Well, my MRP contains whey protein, so I was thinking that it would be alright if I skip out on another source of whey. I was considering Creatine and (now that theres an overwhelming suggestion for it) Surge. But yea, food is first. I think the quality of my diet is pretty healthy. Sometimes I feel like Im not getting enough protein, so I might consider a seperate whey supplement just in case. Thanks for your input all!


Actually, I just took a look at Surge. Why is the Sugar content so high? I mean, I know carbs after workout is essential, but it just seems to be too much (its pretty much the equivalent of a can of pepsi). Anyone know the scientific reasoning behind it? and does anyone have experiences with it they would like to share?

Also, what do you guys think of ReceptorMax? Its a bit pricey, but the science makes sense and could be worth it.


Did you read any of the articles about Surge?

If not, that's where you should start to learn about it.

I imagine that there are literally hundreds of posts about Surge on this site. Search for them if you want to see what others have said about it.