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Only One: Metabolic Drive or Surge


Say you can only afford one of these (like me) which do you think would be most beneficial, Metabolic Drive protein shake or Surge Recovery?


Metabolic Drive, can't beat a great protein powder.


Metabolic Drive.


Metabolic Drive


I'll offer another perspective...

I'd go with Surge. It's great for your recovery.

I can eat beef, chicken, eggs, tuna, etc. all day long to get my protein requirements. But it's tougher to get what you need for a workout drink.

Sure, you could home brew something, but more often than not, that will likely taste horrid.

So if you twisted my arm and made me pick just one, it would be Surge.



IMHO, the single most important meal is the PWO. For the rest, you can't beat whole foods.


Metabolic Drive.

PWO use skim chocolate milk. Not as good as Surge but Metabolic Drive is so versatile I'd go with that first.


What is the rest of your diet like?


It all depends on how much protein you're able to get through your diet and other sources.

If you are able to eat enough protein, go with Surge.

If you're coming up far short on protein, go with Metabolic Drive.