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Only One Cycle?


Hey guys, I am just wondering for the future once I actually get around to do my cycle is it possible I can only do one cycle gain some good mass and then not do the juice again? I don't really feel like constantly doing cycles I just want to get the first one bang on is this possible or will I eventually lose the gains?

80lb Lean Weight Gains?
80lb Lean Weight Gains?
80lb Lean Weight Gains?
80lb Lean Weight Gains?

What exactly makes you want to do just one cycle?


haha good luck man cycles are more addictive than Lays Potato Chips


you will eventually lose the gains


The short answer is no.

One off cycles are really for an actor bulking for a part or someone wanting to look good for a one time event. I have heard of plenty of guys wanting to look good for a wedding/vacation. Whatever, each his own. Long term though the gains won't last and mentally you will always be struggling to meet your cycle peak.


Just one cycle of test e and dbol and then never do juice again.

Edit, sorry I just completely misread that. I kinda want to do just one cycle because I just need to get a nice size that one cycle will give, but what is the estimation of how long the gains from the cycle will last? I am trying to see what I should run for OCT and pct.


I said that once, many many cycles ago.


Once you see the gains from one cycle, you will be frustrated when you're off cycle that you aren't even coming close to the gains you had before. And as far as how long the gains will last, it depends on how well your pct is and how you train/etc. after.