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Only Nolva for Test Prop Cycle?

im doing an 8 week test prop only cycle, shooting 1.3 cc EOD. my prop is dosed at 100mg/ml. i am just starting week 5. i am also using adex at .25 mg EOD, but i will be doing it E3D from here on out. prior to beginning my cycle i decided to do a typical nolva/clomid pct starting 3 days after my last inject. nolva would be 40/30/20/20 and clomid would be used at 100/75/50/50.

however, my roommate is currently on clomid and the effects on him have scared me. he has gone from a stable dude to a whiny, selfish little bitch that gets butt hurt over everything, including something as simple as moving his peanut butter 6 inches in the other direction. then i started reading about “clomid stories” and, suffice it to say, i want to stay away from this stuff if at all possible.

so my question is: would a nolva only pct of 40/30/20/20 be sufficient or should i run clomid, despite its drawbacks, to fully recover?? also, should i stop using the adex cold turkey on the last day of my cycle, or should i taper it down before or during my pct?

thanks in advance for the help.

Nolva on it’s own should be fine. You can continue to use Adex at 0.5mg/w split into EOD doses to maintain optimal low normal (male) E2 (estrogen) level.


just to clarify though, i should take .125 mg of adex THROUGHOUT my pct along with my nolva?

thanks again.

0.143mg EOD. Measure with a syringe. It is not essential, but won’t hurt. That is the same dose one can take off cycle (and after PCT) to maintain low normal E2 level. You can judge how well it is working by your libido level.