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Only Have Half an Hour a Day

Hey guys, my first post in T-Nation, but let me warn you that i’m brazilian, and my english suck. So here’s my situation, i only have half hour a day to train (work 40 hours a week and have college everynight), however i can train everyday including weekends. I would like to gain some mass, and i’m in doubt about what kind of split to follow, if that is even possible.
I only train at home with free weights, sleep 6 to 8 hours and can easily eat 4000 kcal a day (30% protein). Thanks in advance, any help is apreciated.

Pick a main lift (deadlift,squat) and add an accessory lift for that body part. Lunges after squats, rows after deadlift, laterals after military press. Make a two lift split for everyday, that’s what i would do, im sure someone will chime in and add something better though.

Intensity is key. Bust your ass for those thirty minutes. That means no standing around picking your nose!!

[quote]NLA wrote:
i only have half hour a day to train (work 40 hours a week and have college everynight)[/quote]
Just saying, plenty of guys on this site have busy schedules (work, school, families, etc.) and can find more than 30 minutes to train. If you earned $1,000 for every hour-long training session you did, you could probably find more time to train.

In the last two months, how much weight have you gained?

Since you don’t have much time and can’t do a lot in each session, you’ll have to make sure you’re training with full throttle intensity.

Consider either a split from Thibaudeau’s Pump Down the Volume:

Or Dan John’s One Lift a Day:

Or Rippetoe’s Starting Strength:

Any of those brief workouts, plus plenty of calories, should have you consistently adding muscular weight and strength.

What are your current best lifts on the basic exercises: squat, deadlift, row, bench press, and overhead press?

How heavy are the weights you have?