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Only Have 4000mg for Second Cycle


Hi guys, last cycle I did was a cycle of test cyp only 500 mgs for 10 weeks and had good gains, I recently ordered 3 vials because I wanted to do another cycle of cyp only and wanted to do 600 for 12 weeks, the problem is I could only get my hands on 4000 mgs, been looking around and it seems Im not going to be able to get any more, my question is Im just going to use what I got so how would you guys plan out the 4000 mgs? I was thinking 400 for 10 weeks? also could I expect close gains like I had before and is 100 mgs less going to make a huge difference? any imput is greatly appreciated


What do you have left for PCT? What is your PCT? Hamburger and no bun post IMO.


Go read a sticky or two. Or all 8 if you're feeling ambitious.


There is about 5 other threads on the forum regarding a similar question. If you read them they suggest 500mg/w for 8 weeks. Or frontload and run 500 for 7 weeks.

And listen to Growing Boy...where's the PCT and AI?


I think we need a sticky to tell people to read the stickies....



I have read the stickies and I have done my research, I was basically just wanting to know some opionons whay you guys thought, I was leaning towards the 400 for 10 weeks because its cyp and is gonna take a little longer to start to notice gains, I was thinking 500 for 8 weeks but only figured that would be a little short? and as for PCT I have more then enough nolva on hand which I will be doing 40,40,20,20 and have extra if needed during the cycle, any more imput would be greatly appreciated, thank you


Read the cycle proposal guideline sticky. We STILL dont know enough about you to give good advice.


You still need an AI. And not artifical intelligence. That still cracks me up. Thanks to whoever wrote that one.

And why do you suppose that 8 weeks is too short? Too short for what?


Im 27 and been lifting off and on for 5 years, for over 1 year straight with good diet, Im 5'10" 185lbs roughly 13-15 % bf and my goal is to basically just build some muscle on this cycle with small amount of fat less being possible of course, like I said my only other cycle was test cyp 500mgs for 10 weeks, the only reason I thought 8 weeks was to short is because it seems like everybody is recommending 10-12 weeks when using cyp??


How much did you gain on that first cycle? I'd expect you to be bigger than that looking forward to multiple cycles.


I did that cycle a long time ago and gained 20 lbs, my problem there was my job sent me away for awhile and was in the classroom 12 hours a day between that and going through a bad breakup I neglected working out way more then I should of and I know it was stupid and my own fault and I pretty much lost most of my gains in that time frame