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Only Have 2 Days for S&C


Over the last 2 yrs I've gotten out of shape, having 2 kids, eating like shit, and not training as much will do that to you I suppose. I'm 6 feet and currently 195 lbs. When I'm in good shape I'm normally in the 175-180lbs range which is what I'd like to get back to.

With 2 kids and a wife who works nights I'm on a very set schedule. I will be waking up M-F at 5:15 am and be at the gym for 6:15 am. On M-W-F I will be teaching/training Muay thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So the only days I have for strength & conditioning are Tue & Thurs.

I was planning on using Defrancos WS4SB protocol using the heavy upper body on tue & heavy lower body on thursday. The goal is a body transformation back to fit.

Would like to hear thoughts & opinions.



Hey man. A couple questions.

How often and how intensely have you been training recently? "Not as much" is not very specific.

What was your training background prior to the last 2 years?

I ask because if you are legitimately out of shape, going from zero to 3x/wk MT/BJJ + 2x/wk weight training may be a little much right out of the gate. I appreciate the desire to declare all out "total war" and go balls to the walls, I really do.

However if you flame out in the first few months and/or get injured it's only going to set you back further. Since you're an instructor you are likely aware of this, but we sometimes forget/ignore these things as it relates to ourselves.

It seems to me that you may be further ahead to take a little time to adjust to the increased workload and ratchet it up over time. Of course you know your body better than I.

When it's time to hit the weights, Wendler's 5/3/1 has a 2x/wk split that may be a good fit for you.

Regarding "body transformation": this is something that happens primarily in the kitchen as opposed to the gym. By your own admission you "eat like shit". Obviously you will need to sort this out before you will be able to make significant progress in this area.

Just my thoughts, fwiw.

All the best.


Twice a week is fine. I'm currently doing just that with light cardio thrown in when I have the time.

Like the Dark Knight said, eat right and eat less.


You're right I was fairly generic in my explanation. And I should have mentioned the fact I'm completely overhauling my eating habits.

Prior to 9 months ago my training was:
- early am muay thai 2-3 days a week
- lunch time lifting 4-5 days a week
- BJJ 1-2 nights a week
My diet wasn't great during this period, but I was training enough where I was burning alot.

May 11 - Sept 11:
- early am muay thai 2 days a week
- lunch time lifting & cardio 4-5 days a week

Sept 11 - DEC 11
This is where the shit hits the fan. I started a new job with no gym in the office nor is one close enough to hit up on lunch. And the amount of free crappy office food is high.
- early am muay thai 2 days a week
- Inconsistant lifting/cadrio early am 2 days a week

Jan 12
- Overhauling of diet getting back to pre kid 6 meals a day with no junk & beer :frowning:
- early am muay thai & bjj schedule is changing to 3 days M-W-F
- Lifting/cardio tue & thurs

I know I have the gas. This is more of a I've never had only 2 days to jam in my lifting. I actually just found a cosgrove fat loss workout designed for 3 days, but looks like you can do just 2.

Maybe I'll use that to get down to my desired weight and then use Defranco or do you know where I can find the 5/3/1 2 day split? other thoughts?

Appreciate it.


curious as to why you feel you need to weigh less to be 'healthier'


When I went up to 195 it wasn't by putting on muscle mass. I don't think I'm going to be able to simultaneously lose 20 and replace it with 20 lbs of muscle.



haha. yes, if only that were possible


OP - Yeah, life has a way of getting in the way and free crappy food can be a killer. 6 meals with kids job etc can be very challenging but anything is doable if there's a will. Some people do really well with intermittent fasting variants. Not for everyone but it's something to consider. LeanGains guy (can't remember his name right now) has a meal schedule for a.m. training. Basically BCAA before and after training and mid morning, big lunch and dinner. I tried it. I liked it. Simple to do and I got leaner. However I did feel pretty damn hungry sometimes (but I have a very physical job as well). Just a thought.

Here is the link to the 5/3/1 article with the 2 day split. It's outlined under "Modification #2". It's written as a 2 day split and is pretty straightforward.