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Only Eating Carbs For 1 Week


so i was asked a question earlier today that got me thinking. its sounds horrible, but i didn't know how to answer it.

the question was what would the side effects be for eating carbs for 1 week, nothing else, just carbs.

it sounds really illogical and i told the person that that wouldn't be healthy and they should eat a well-balanced diet, but they kept asking why and why and i drawed blanks on how to answer, so i told the person i would get back to them. so here i am...


the short answer would be 1 week wouldn't kill anybody.

My answer back would have been why would you want to do that? What are you trying to achieve? It is from that information that you could more easily explain why that may not be ideal.


You hang out with idiots. Who cares if some dipshit you know wants to only eat carbs for a week? Guess what? There are no life threatening consequences from taking in mostly carbs for a week (no chance they will ONLY take in carbs unless they plan on only drinking water and maltodextrin powder).

Nothing amazingly bad is going to happen. It isn't the smartest thing to do in terms of BODYBUILDING, but the majority of the general public is getting most of their intake from carbs and fats.

Your friend will be missing out on a shit load of nutrients and vitamins, but aside from general health, that's about it.


Tell the person to try it and find out...

Anyway, I think that depends largely on what kind of "carbs" they're eating.

If they eat a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, I suppose they'd live, but they'd start to develop some protein deficiencies by the end of that week.

On a related note, I once had a client who came to me and told me she ate nothing but ice cream, literally. Just regular old full fat ice cream and a multivitamin.

She was getting enough calories to live on, but it was weird. She looked thin, but she had the squishiest "muscle" ever. Like, it didn't look like fat that was covering her bones, it looked like muscle, but felt like blubber...

It really freaked me out because she was really hot.


Not much and like other said they are really going to have to try to eat just carbs most of your high carb sources have lots of protein even if incomplete like grains etc. The if its processed junk usually lots of fat along with it. So unless like x said they are just living on water and Malto good friggin luck.

Yhea they live but cant see anything good coming from it or reasoning behind it.


I was thinking about only eating broccoli for a week, I hear it will make me big and green, like the Incredible Hulk!


Take a look at just about any vegetarian.

A week wont have anyone looking like that, it'd take longer to see real health problems but you (or a friend) should feel just great from the huge surges and crashes of blood sugar. And it'd be a nice way of jumpstarting your way into insulin resistance.

Why just a week? Why not stick to it and bring yourself to the brink of type 2 diabetes and watch as your testosterone drops through the floor?


Good point.

I knew a vegetarian who never tried getting any protein in her, and most of her non-meat foods were things like pop-tarts and chips. She also hated vegetables (go figgure).

She was fat, and probably unhealthy, but she's living fine by her standards, which means 'surviving' by my standards.


you eventually need your essential amino acids, if you had NOTHING but carbs for a week, literally just had maltose shakes all day,

then the only way your cells could carry out any sort of process would be if they broke down your muscle(or any other tissue for that matter) for amino acids.


I read some where that there is a time when your body needs protein/other things to heal and when you dont get them it sends a bunch of testosterone to heal you because your not getting the food you need

I belive that I read that in a mucle nerd article


Test. even from out side the body as in injected IM. yes steroids wont do a damn thing for your without proper nutrition and training.

so even if your T levels went through the damn roof and inturn protein synthesis skyrocketed you would not have adequate protien available for it to be worth a damn.


This reminds me of a story I read in last month's Discover magazine.

A doctor notices this 40 something year old guy with severe osteoporosis and an orange tint to this skin (common with excessive beta carotene intact). The doctor asks him what kind of foods he likes to eat and the guy says, "Brussel Sprouts." Well, this explains the orange skin, so the doctor thinks nothing of it and runs test after test after test to figure out what is causing this guy's osteoporosis at such an early age.

All the tests come back negative, so finally he comes back to the patient and asks him more detail and asks him what else he eats. The guy says, "Almonds." That's it. He eats nothing but brussel sprouts and almonds. Everything else 'bothers his stomach.'

The doctor tries everything to convince him to change his ways, but the guy is having none of it. A year later, the patient is simply walking down a hallway and breaks his hip.

Moral of the story? Nutritional variety is your friend.