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Only Deadlifting


I have a shoulder condition that start to become a problem when I was boxing alot, it is when the shoulder is able to slip out of the socket very easily because of malformed stuff in the shoulder (thats what the doctor told me.. not exactly good with that kinda stuff) I do not box anymore due to my gym closing, and I still want to stay in shape.

The only problem is that benching really just isn't safe for me, and is not recommended by my doctor (its in both shoulders :/), and with squatting the way you reach back to grab the bars doesn't work because I get the feeling that my shoulders are going to dislocate.

Now there is a surgery for this, but my parents will not go for it, because it is not affecting my life in any other way other than causing problems when trying to do certain exercises.

Now from a general strength and fitness stand point would dead lifting be enough to maintain some kind of strength? I also will be running alot now, and I mountain bike as well.

Is there anything I can do to build up my upper body somewhat? Or will my legs be trunks and my upper body not be developed at all? Am I screwed? ><

If it matters, I'm 16 5'10 185 lbs


If you can only do one lift, deadlift is the one to do. It’s the number one mass builder and is a pretty good indicator of overall strength, since it uses so much of your muscle mass.

I know some kid around here who has a shoulder problem so he can’t bench, but instead does weighted pushups. Not sure if that’ll help with your condition, since I don’t know the specifics on either of yours. Just a thought.


I’d save up to get the surgery. If you really like lifting and/or boxing then this injury could influence an important area of your life. You may just have to work jobs and save up.

Maybe try explaining to your parents how important your health is to you.


Yeah umm I’m not sports Dr. by any means but if you cant even reach back far enough to reach the squat bar with out some time of discomfort then I would say that dead lifting would be a very bad idea as well. That puts a huge strain on your arms and shoulders. Youre only 16 dude I wouldn’t do anything that would cause more damage at your age.

Sticking to running and mountain biking would be your best bet. And go see another Dr. and have that doc convince your parents that this is affecting your life, and will continue to effect it for many years. Someone your age shouldn’t be having shoulder problems already.

And now would be the best time to do surgery due to your age and being able to recover faster. You seriously need to have a talk with your parents about this. It’s unhealthy. And not to be rude but if they still don’t see a problem then maybe they are just a little naive. Talk to them, make them understand your problem and what you are going through.


do front squats




All variations of the DL incl snatch grip on a platform.