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Only Circuits and Cardio for Extreme Fat Loss?


I'm about to go on a fat loss blitz. Ill be doing circuits then cardio afterwards 4x a week. Has anybody ever tried something like this? I've lost ten pounds so far but my fat loss has halted and I realize I still have a large amount of body fat. I'm 5' 7" and 190.


How long have you been dieting? How much and what are you eating now that your fatloss stalled?


7 weeks. Off days is 1900 Cal , on days is 1900 + Surge. 1g of protein/lb of body weight. Lots of eggs,tuna,broccoli ,chix breast, almonds, natural PB, olive oil, green veggies.

I read the meltdown training article but there lots of exercises I don't have access to. I plan on doing some circuits a member gave me followed by jump rope 4x a week and a mile jog on off days.


when fat loss first stalls i would recommend simply increasing activity. then if it stalls again you could switch up training methods.

also circuits are great for "producing" - for lack of a better word - hgh which is supposed to mobilize fatty acids very well but if you're not lifting heavy and keeping or increasing your strength chances are you could lose some muscle in the process... unless you're a beginner.

...this is my opinion, hope it was helpful.


Remember that muscle mass is the principal determinator of metabolic rate. You can do circuits, but try that metabolic work doesn't exceed strength training, muscle mass should still be a priority. Cutting for bodybuilding purposes is a lot more than just cutting weight, it's fat loss (you said it) and for that you have to worry on keeping your muscle.

Do you know, or even have a guesstimate of your bodyfat percentage, if you do, you have a better clue on where you're going other than a fat loss blitz.

Other thing would be measuring your carb tolerance according to how your bodyfat percentage moves under a certain amount of carbs ingestion, cardio and everything. Some individuals tend to risk more muscle loss going super low on carbs, while others may have to cut them almost totally.

My $0.2568MXN.


I'm at 25%BF according to bmicalculater.net. Your waist is around your belly button right?


no man BMI is useless for bodybuilders. You go around the belly button and above the iliac bone.


Truth man, it only measures weight to height ratio, there's no accounting for lean body mass in the equation.


I went to another website that calcs it and I came at 25% BF after entering my measurements.


well then if it's near right and you wanna get lean u should strive for about 160, assuming you don't loose muscle, put some real effort to that goal and to keep or increase strength,

good luck!


[quote]MAF14 wrote:
when fat loss first stalls i would recommend simply increasing activity.