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Only Body Workouts

I have been trying to find some information on exercises that would not involve weights but so far I could not find anything and decided to start a new topic. The thing is I work in a town where there is no gym. This place is pretty secluded…there is only a walmart about 30 mins away. Anyways, I have a few resistance bands…and I bought that P90X bar where you can do pull ups and push ups etc. I know it will be hard hitting all the muscles without the weights but does anyone know of a routine that I can follow for a full body workout?

Not a specific routine, but this website has good tutorials for gymnastic style bodyweight moves:



In France, an author called Olivier Lafay wrote a GREAT book about bodyweight training.
It uses dips, pulls up, push ups, single leg squat, etc…

A best-seller here.


thanks alot guys…all the information was really helpful, merci

Try Ross Enamait’s books too, especially Never Gymless. It’s all about bodyweight exercises and shows you the progressions towards the more challenging movements.