Only Adding a Thermo/Fat Burner?

What results can i expect if the only change i make is adding a fat burner?

Im a boxer, ive had some setbacks already this year & am a little heavier than i want.

I train crossfit type (well its actually Ross’s Infinite Intensity) exercises (fasted) Mon-Fri before work & skills sessions Mon-Sat in the PM, eat a paleo type diet at 2000 cals 40:30:30 PCF (including 15g liquid fish oil p/day) & am currently 74kgs with about 6-8 weeks to get down to 69kgs.

Any thoughts?


I’ve heard estimates that HRX alone might contribute 100-150 kcal/day of extra consumption.

So, you’d lose about a pound of fat a month. For $40. Yeah.

EDIT: Although if you got on the cardio train, the HRX will help you mobilize your fat and keep your muscle. So it is worth the money, but you also need to put in the effort. It is not a cure-all.


I know theres no silver bullet, just after some more knowledgable peoples thoughts/input.

BTW, Infinite Intensity is the cardio train.