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Only 8 Weeks Between Meets


Hey everybody,

I am currently training for my second meet. It’s on April 16th and if I qualify for provincials it will be on June 11 which gives me 8 weeks between meets. I planned on resting for 2 weeks after the meet on 16th so I’m left with 6 weeks. Does anyone recommend any particular program to peak in 6 weeks? Or should I just re-use the last six weeks of the program I am already using for the meet on the 16th?? ( lilliebridge method) thanks a lot!


Candito 6 week program comes to mind, might be a lot of frequency/ volume compared to Lilliebridge though


I’d reuse the last six weeks. You’ll know what to expect and have a fair idea of how you’ll respond. I’d also rest for a week, not two unless you’re super beat up.


What’s with the 2 week rest after the first meet? If the Lilliebridge method has worked for you so far, stick to that. No point in making changes where change is not needed.


Thanks guys. Candito program looks pretty cool but I guess I will stick to last six weeks of lilliebridge seeing I know it worked well for me. Makes sense


That’s what I did, just the last 6 weeks of my prep.

I took one week off after the first meet, peaked for the next 6 weeks and deloaded on meet week, worked very well.