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Only 8 More Saturdays to College Football!!!




USC!! bitch.



Hook 'em Horns!

We'll smack OU down again this year.







callin it right now fools. Tebow aint gonna lose a game.




Be preapred for a hell of year from Michigan State. Were gonna have a real quarterback this year who throws to the right team!!!


goooooooo Stanford?

w0000 6-6 and a bowl game!




It's all about THE U...HURRICANES baby!!!


This isn't too bold of a prediction. Florida plays a favorable schedule this year.

I wouldn't be surprised if it happened either.


"Favorable Schedule?" Favorable - as in STRENGTH of schedule, maybe.

Was there someone actually mocking Tebow above? Dumbasses.

It will likely be UF vs. Big XII opponent.

Go Gators, baby! (Where's NateDogg?!)


Since this is the worst time of the year for sports, unless you are a baseball fan, I provided a link to Athlon's preseason poll for 2009. Hopefully, it can start up some legit debate.


Most preseason polls have Florida at number one, with either my Sooners or Texas at two and three. I would have Florida at one, then Texas at two and OU at three.

USC lost numerous starters, but they always reload so I don't have a problem with them at number four. After USC at four, I think it is difficult to say for sure the rest of the top 10.

Predictions for season anyone?


Go Big Red! I'm counting on Nebraska to be in the Big 12 Championship game, though a road game against KU will be a tough one.

USC (my other favorite team) will have its hands full with some decent teams in the Pac 10 this year (Cal, Oregon State) and coming out of the gate with a road game against OSU should be tough.

Regardless, it should be a great season. Can't wait.


USC will be down. I think Texas will be better than Oklahoma, despite Bradford. OU lost too many big guys on offense.

Urban Meyer will wipe his ass with Lane Kiffin and the fucking Volunteers.

Depending on how well Terrell Pryor's throwing ability has progressed, (probably not much,) Ohio State could be decent.

LSU will not be very good again.

There will be an ACC/Big East team that everyone thinks is "elite," but will get their ass handed to them in a BCS game as usual.

Pac-10 will be worse than usual, except Oregon State.

...Notre Dame and Michigan will both be improved, but nowhere near the elite status they once were.

And lastly, watch out for Ole Miss and Kansas.


"Favorable" as in they will be favored to win every game during the regular season by at least 10 points. They don't play Ole Miss or Alabama. The only game that they might have any problems in is LSU, but that is only because it is a road game.

S. 5 Charleston Southern
S. 12 Troy
S. 19 Tennessee
S. 26 at Kentucky
O. 10 at LSU
O. 17 Arkansas
O. 24 at Mississippi State
O. 31 Georgia (Jacksonville)
N. 7 Vanderbilt
N. 14 at South Carolina
N. 21 Florida International
N. 28 Florida State

I would agree. You will basically have a National semi-final game in October when OU plays Texas. It will likely be a #2 versus #3 match up. Hopefully, it the game will live up to all the hype that will surround it.


I actually think that ranking looks pretty good with one exception: Alabama is ranked WAY too high. IMO, they were a #1 by default all season long and a lot of the early victories that propelled the to the top (Clemson, for example) turned out to be not so significant as time went on. I can't imagine that Alabama is any better this year compared to last.

I actually think it will be a fairly weak year for the SEC with the exception of Ole Miss and Florida. The Big 12 will be the premier conference with OU, Texas, Okie St., Nebraska, Kansas, and even Baylor doing big things. Even the Big 10 will be looking up with OSU, Mich. St., and Penn St. The Pac-10 should continue to under perform relative to the other conferences, but should be better than last season.

I am predicting Florida and OU/Texas in the National Championship (hopefully Texas). Unless, the winner of the Texas-OU game trips up against someone else, USC will get stuck playing another Big 10 team in the Rose Bowl, probably OSU.

Florida will almost certainly go undefeated in the regular season.


Tim Tebow is the most overrated player in college football. Florida is a great team, but it isn't because of Tebow. In fact, if Harrell were still at Tech, and Tebow replaced Texas A&M's quarterback, he just might be the worst quarterback in the entire Big XII South. He doesn't stand a chance to be a star in the NFL.


You can flip a coin with OU and Texas. Texas lost some key players on defense, but offensively looks to be really good, especially their offensive line. Oklahoma lost starters off it's offensive line and at the receiver position, but looks to have one of it's best defenses in the last five years.

OU did lose a good portion of its offensive line, but there is no drop off in talent. If you listen to the sports journalists in Oklahoma, many contend that OU's O-line from last year under achieved and that the 09 group could be better. I always thought last years starters were a bit overrated, especially as run-blockers. For some reason, they always did well at pass blocking.

That will be a massacre!

It wouldn't hurt my feelings if both teams continued to struggle.


Not sure about Kansas. Ole Miss is the only team that can compete with Florida. Hopefully they play in the SEC Title game.