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Only 3 Consecutive Days to Workout, What to Do?

Due to other responsibilities, I can only workout Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning. This period is gonna last about 2 months. What kind of workout plan or split should I follow to make the most of it?

My ideas were either P/P/L or Upper/Lower/Upper. Was thinking I could do Lower/Upper/Lower on odd weeks to balance it out but my legs don’t recover that fast. 3 full body trainings in a row seem crazy so any suggestions how I should do it?

If I were you I’d do full body / upper / lower. Or in any order you’d like.

This way you hit everything twice hard and have a few days to recover in between. I would try to do some conditioning or bodyweight work on the other days just so your not stagnate through the week.

Squat on Saturday, bench Sunday, Deadlifts Monday, pick your poison for accessories.
Rest of the week for recovery

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Lots of options just have to find the one that fits your goals and preferences.

Push/legs/pull or include quads in push and hams in pull and do push/pull alternating between the two.

Or you could use the time for some specialisation.
So you could do push/pull/specialisation or upper/lower/specialisation.

Maybe even
Sunday, chest shoulders and tri
Sat, legs and ab
Monday, back and bi

really depends on what your wanting to get out of your training.

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I wouldn’t rule out 2 day sessions either.

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What are your goals?

That’s what I was thinking. Maybe the 5/3/1 two day template. I’d probably ruck on the other day, but you could do some other conditioning on the 3rd day or do a “bro-day” and hit bi, tris, etc…

this is what I would ask as well. There are a zillion ways to structure 3 day per week programming. I pretty much only get to the gym 3 days a week.

Is your time at the gym limited on those 3 days?

Regardless, whatever you pick will be just fine, given that it’s only a 2 month period. I wouldn’t sweat this decision too much.

I wouldn’t go with 3 full body days per week though. Some sort of split would be appropriate.

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another vote for “what are your goals” here.

There are plenty of suitable 2-day and 3-day templates, but which is best depends on your goals.

I would personally do upper/lower/upper.

My first upper day would be a bit heavier, my second would be a bit more pumpy (for lack of a better word).


My goal is mainly hypertrophy but since my appetite has taken a nosedive and I can’t manage to eat multiple small meals in a day to stay in caloric surplus (and am unable to shove in a big one in the evening to catch up) , I decided to do a cut to lose some of the fat I accumulated over my bulk period but mainly get my metabolism to a place where I don’t need to eat as much to be in a surplus for growth.

OP, Just work out more intensely on the days you have and use the extra rest days as a luxurious advantage for your body to recover.