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Only 2 Weeks in the Gym


So, just landed a pretty good job. It's a camp job, with a 2 week on 2 week off schedule. Small camp in Northern Alberta with about a 4 man crew, so although I'm not sure about the amenities I am pretty confident there is no gym.

Due to this I really need to structure my lifting at home very well. I was wondering if anyone that has a clue might be able to give some suggestions.

While in camp body weight exercises will be used primarily, I would imagine. There's always a place to do chins and what not, and after a bit I'll probably invest in a weight vest.

While at home though, I'm not sure the best way to set things up. The way it's looking is there will be a couple of days at the end of the week, then a full week, then a couple of days. The weekends will be dedicated to the girlfriend.

This is kind of what I'm thinking:

Should have two days before the weekend, so it'll be an upper body pull one day push the next.

After the weekend push/pull again then legs leading into another push/pull

The next week is looking like there will be one day before I head back out. Although there could be two depending on how ambitious I get before driving 9+ hours. So, I was thinking about doing full body on that day.

Legs are not a main focus at this point because I intend on walking/biking pretty much everywhere most of the time, just because I'll have the time. This means I will have to traverse the river valley in town. Due to this I will stop and run some hills/stairs. Some might not see this as enough leg work, but fortunately my legs are pretty good to begin with.

I believe they were 27" not too long ago and grow quite well. I don't know the last time they've been below 25" (which I know isn't very good, but that's considered small for me), and my upper body needs more work to catch up to them. If, in the future they need more work, I will assess and add if needed. I guess when I say legs I really only mean quads. My whole posterior chain and calves are shit and will be a priority with deads, ghr, etc being prioritized for a while on pull days. (Just reread that and it sounds ridiculous, but I'm not sure how else to put it.)

Just wondering if this looks reasonable, and if anyone has any input it would greatly appreciated.


i would say just pound yourself into the ground as hard as you can (two-a-days, drop sets, failure etc) for the time you can then use the next two weeks to recover but if you want a "program" take a look at this

poliquin super accumulation program... always wanted to try it for fun but never had the time




I'd ask some of the big DC guys if there's any way you could adapt the program to your situation. I know it's usually more like 6-8 weeks blast then a week or two cruise, but you might be able to do 2 blast 2 cruise with a large volume increase on the second week of each blast? I don't know enough about DC training to tell you if it'll work or not for sure.

C_C or anyone feel like chiming in on this?


That looks pretty interesting, I think I remember reading that when it was first published. Not sure how well the gf would handle me being an even bigger ass from training this way. Especially training on the Saturday and evenings, but when she goes home for a couple months I might try it then. Although the work schedule kind of interrupts how the program is to be scheduled. I'm sure there are ways around it. Something I'll definitely keep in mind to try a couple time when ever I can. I think training like this constantly would turn me off of lifting.

Side note: Shouldn't have used the word 'program' in the op. Looking more for how to schedule everything.


Shitty, thought this might have been kind of interesting to discuss. Guess the schedule i came up with is flawless.