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Only 2 People Who Squat in my Gym


Here is some squat footage of me (first video age 18) and my brother (age 24). Mine was a max effort!

Tell us some tips or whatever!
This is my sixth week on the texas method.


Top video- Great depth, just gotta work on staying upright a little more on the way up. Work on core strength and good-mornings.

Bottom video- Needs to drop faster and slightly lower. Also needs work on core strength.


I'm not saying you're wrong, but how can you tell the bottom lifter needs more core strength? Thanks.


The video isn't loading on my phone , but by watching you can tell . If you can't stay upright is one way to tell .


lol cause the bottom lifter is him!


Id say pick up some Chuck Taylors instead of what youre wearing.


Oh, haha! I'll take his word for it then!


buy shoes for squatting like mentioned above, converse are great

in the top video you hop a little before descending, don't do it