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Only 1 yr Natural Training. Before Steroids


Hi everybody!

I am new here, I usually post on the bodybuilding.com forums.

Anyway, here is an old pic.

This pic is after only 1 year of training, naturally. Before roids.


Stats in these pics: 6 ft 3 in 228 lbs

1 Year Natural Training

Bulk diet, Heavy Compound Lifts 3 days per week.

Old School Training. All Free Weights.

These are the only pictures I have right now.

Updated pics after roids will be added later.

Current weight is 250 lbs with less BF than the pics above. Love the juice! LOL


You're a troll, right?


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Listen buddy, someone you size really shouldnt bother with roids. Just stay natural and maybe get on the juice once you start to plateu and stop making gains. You should check out my post(Birdmans journey) and Deadgoats(rate my physique) for a good workout routine and diet tips.

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No. Why?

They dont allow any talk about steroids on the bodybuilding.com forums.

So I joined isteroids and this website.

I will be posting here a lot.


Those are old pics.

I am way bigger now.

I am on my second cycle. 1000 mg Testosterone Cyp per week and Arimidex.

In those pics I weighed 228 lbs. I weigh 250 lbs now.


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nice legs


wtf does "come at me bro" mean?


its only your 2nd cycle and you're already on a gram of test a week??? Methinks you're rushing things a bit, what did your first cycle look like and what pct will you use for the current one?


1 gram of test per week.

Your second cycle.

Obviously you have no idea what you are doing. Maybe if you are looking for someone to pat you on the back you should go back to iSteriod.


Read the fucking rules.


Those pics were taken in December 2009.

I started TRT in May 2010.

My Testosterone levels were low, so the doctor did a lot of tests, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, LH, FSH, etc and found nothing wrong.

My Testosterone level was 331 the first test and 246 the second test. My Estrogen was 201.

So he put me on 200 mg Testosterone Cyp and Arimidex every week.

I did 200 mg per week for a few months, and then I decided to raise it to 400 mg for a few weeks, then 800 mg for a few weeks, and now I am up to 1000 mg for about 12 weeks. Then I am going to slowly lower it back down to 200 mg per week.

I will keep it like that for about 4 to 6 months and then repeat.

No need for a pct or anything. Since I am on the TRT for life.


I havent even posted on iSteroids yet. LOL

What do you mean pat me on the back?

All I did was post some pics.


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It was a joke, because on the bodybuilding.com forums they say that all the time.

They always say come at me bro, u mad?, u jelly?, jakes on you, tarp, etc.


That E2 level is ABSURD. Well depending on the units. What units for the E2 range? Lowering it would have likely raised your testosterone level. Chalk up your situation to another incompetent doctor in the field of male HRT.

You should really check out the TRT forum here.

And you really dont sound like you have any clue what youre doing WRT to steroid use.


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