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Online / Virtual Coaching


I feel like I’ve been approximately in this shape forever. I’m not really strong, big, or lean, so it would be nice to get some outside opinions on what I’m doing.

Anybody have any suggestions on where I could go to find some online coaches to help me? I’m basically looking to get leaner (currently at 16%, looking to get to 10-12%). Would want someone to guide me on nutrition, as well as workouts so I can at least maintain whatever strength I have.


You will do the original 5/3/1 program with the Boring But Big template.

You will eat 1g of protein per lb of your bodyweight. It only counts if it’s from meat or protein shakes.

All your carbs will now come from rice and potatoes.

All your fats will now come from animals, olives or avocados.

You will eat fibrous vegetables with every meal including breakfast.

You will allow yourself a cheat meal once a week.

You will stick to this plan unwaveringly for the rest of your life and it will make you lean, muscular and strong.

You will not question or deviate from the plan in any way.


do what yogi said good plan
when at gym watch big guys or fit guys train
online coach will only see bits of want you do if you are advanced or have specific questions one thing
if you are a beginner a coach or trainer needs to see how you approach your whole work out reps, sets, rest, periods, intensity, effort


Look up pretty much any 10 articles on fatloss training and/or nutrition.